26 Feb 2013

Nervous Excitement

My mind is racing, the butterflies have set in. There is a weird feeling of enthusiasm which is the positive, and a little bit of hysteria which is the negative. I am both thrilled and excited, yet scared and unsure at the same time.

Its only 20 days until I board the plane, 20 days until I throw caution to the wind, put my insecurities behind me and step forward wearing my big girl pants.......

Only 21 days until I attend the Digital Parents Conference for 2013 !

I purchased my "early bird" ticket back on July 31st 2012 thanks to a gentle nudge from a dear friend, and have had the printout stuck to the front of my fridge ever since. It's safe there.
Once something is secured to the fridge in our house, everyone knows it is important so there is a less chance of it being removed and lost, never to be seen again !!

It has been a long wait, an exciting wait, a sit on the edge of your seat wait. But now that it is literally just around the corner, I am starting to wonder what I have got myself in for. I am nervous. Attending something so big, something that is so new to me, something that I still don't know all that much about is daunting. I never put myself out there. I have never wondered out into the big wide world alone and unsure before. It is a little scary if I am to be honest.....

But 2013 is it !
It's time to spread my wings.                                    

I am going to head off into the unknown with a positive attitude that's what I am praying for anyway I am going to embrace this challenge with open arms, I am excited to meet the lovely people behind the wonderful blogs that I have discovered and I am determined to come away with an arm load of information to turn my own little blog into something special.

I am also beyond excited to finally meet a dear friend that has held my hand from day one, and helped me out with Craftypjmum beyond what I could ever imagine. Jules is the reason that I finally got off my backside and started Crafty, she gave me the confidence I needed to put myself out there and stop doubting myself.
I owe her so much. In her I have found a life long friend.

So now, it is just a matter of deciding what I am going to wear !
I mean I certainly don't want to look like a goose
I don't need any extra help in making a fool of myself                    

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  1. I'm really looking forward to meeting you and Jules, Beck. xx

  2. Good for you! I would love to go to a blogging conference one day. Have fun and look forward to hearing all about it.


  3. I can't wait to hear all about it - one day I'd love to come and meet the bloggers I love - including you! x

  4. This is very exciting! I'm sure you are going to have a wonderful time! I hope I will have the opportunity to go to a blogging conference soon.



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