27 Feb 2013

Learner On The Loose

It's that time again.

Son number two has decided that it is time to take hold of the wheel. The steering wheel that is. He is back on track and hitting the streets as a learner driver for the second time around, after his first attempt at getting his drivers licence was interrupted by emergency surgery last year which prevented him from driving for quite a long time.
His confidence is returning, and thankfully he is now getting back to his old self lazy, cheeky helpful, strong witted and determined. All in      all, it's great to have him back :)

Yesterday was his first lesson with a qualified driving instructor. I don't know who was more nervous, him or his silly mother (me) and being the concerned mother sticky beak that I am, I hid behind the lounge room curtain watching, waiting, fingers crossed that he would do well, with camera in hand of course snapping photos through the fly screen (not obsessed much)

It's a daunting experience learning to drive, it's a big step towards total independence. A lot of teens (mine included) think that they "know it all" when it comes to some issues, and attitudes can sometimes get in the way. Especially when being taught something by parents.

Here in Queensland (I am not sure about other States) Teens are able to obtain a learner drivers licence at the age of 16. They are then required to complete at least 100 hours of driving, 10 of which are to be completed with a qualified driving instructor.
We as you know have four sons. When our eldest son who is now 19 first got his learner licence, we as "first time" teaching someone to drive parents, decided to start the lessons off first and finish off with the driver instructor to "work out" any minor issues that may have cropped up.
This time however we have changed our strategy. This time round we have opted to put son number two through the driving school first and also finish up with a few extra lessons at the end of the 100 hours, to polish off his skills and help him gain his licence with confidence.
It's a decision that both son and parents are happy with, and if all goes well, it is most likely what we will also do with sons three and four.

It's a big step in life, a lesson for me in learning to let go and stop fussing (if that is possible) I still get butterflies when our eldest drives off into the sunset and I am not sure that, that feeling will ever subside.
It's a mother thing !!

So as my boy drives off with the instructor today for his second lesson, I think that I will stay away from my hiding spot behind the curtain and let him drive off in confidence and with pride in himself.
I have complete faith in his ability and even though it is hard to watch them spread their wings and fly, I am so very proud watch him go fourth and begin this next part of his life's journey.

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