6 Feb 2013

Fabric Message/Photo Board

Finally ! today I got the chance to make the fabric photo board that I have been itching to make for quite a while now. I have seen them everywhere in the home ware shops to purchase, but decided that with a little imagination and some of that golden spare time it would be just as easy to make one of my own.

Items needed !

  • Canvas (size of your choice)
  • Cotton batting/wadding
  • Choice of fabric and co-ordinating ribbon
  • Buttons
  • And a staple gun

And here is the result.....

Fabric must be crease free to prevent puckering
Make sure ribbon is equally spaced
When stapling, pull fabric as tight as you can
Finished project
Finished product with photo of my babies

I am quite pleased with the end result and cant wait to fill it up with more pics of my gorgeous family. I am also hoping to get some more supplies to make one for my Mums birthday which is just around the corner.                                

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