13 Dec 2013

Everything Was Red.....

I was going to write this post much earlier in the week, but I have only JUST recovered. Not from my trip away with my eldest two boys, but from everything that had to be done on my return home.
Six days of washing for six people and an entire house to tidy and clean, that the men folk who were left at home still insist was kept clean and tidy.......
                                                         Yeah, 'man clean'

It was the first time ever that I had been away with just my two big boys, we had the best time EVER.
It all came about when son number one discovered that Taylor Swift was bringing her Red Tour to Brisbane. As we are big fans of hers we instantly wanted to attend, however being at the 'crunchy' end of the year, I decided that although I desperately wanted to go, financially it was not a wise move. So imagine how I reacted when my son purchased a ticket for me for as a combined birthday/Christmas present. I was utterly blown away, and yes, I cried {sooky la la} But not only did he purchase my ticket, but he also paid for his brother to go as an 18th birthday present. His generosity for us both will forever be remembered. To add to all this, son numbered two decided that he to would get in on the generosity and ended up paying for my part of the accommodation for my Christmas gift. I really do have the most wonderful, selfless, generous children. The time we spent together was one of the best times we have ever shared together and a time that I will cherish forever.

We flew on Friday, wow has it seriously been a week ! and stayed at the Mecure which had stunning views of the Brisbane River. And when in BrisVegas what else do you do besides party on at the hottest concert in town ?  Shop of course, and eat, drink and shop some more !
Armloads and armloads of shopping.......

The highlight of course was seeing Taylor. It was magical. And although there were some technical difficulties that caused the show to stop at one point, instead of leaving us wondering what on earth was going on, or relaying a message over the PA system, Taylor came onto the stage and talked to the audience the whole time. She was sweet, apologetic and funny. It was just one of those things that can happen and within about 15 minutes the problems had been dealt with and the concert resumed. The costumes were stunning, the stage show amazing. I have always been a fan, but after seeing the Red concert, Taylor is now high up on my list of performers that I would defiantly see again.

The weekend continued with much laughter, good food and of course more shopping :) we  took in a movie, taking the time to rest our tired sore feet and watch the new Hunger Games movie Catching Fire {our weekend did have a theme going on} ....  RED .... the movie was fantastic and really did do the book justice. However as usual it left us hanging on the edge of our seats desperately waiting for the next instalment.

The boys decided to spend a few hours (yes hours) checking out Time Zone, so I casually wondered the mall people watching. Boy you see some sights in the city ! and checking out all the beautiful Christmas displays.
Ahhh Christmas, my very favourite time of year. The city was dazzling with lights and decorations all adding to the holiday feel.

We certainly had the time of our lives and hopefully it wont be the last time that we get to share such a wonderful time together laughing, talking and bonding even more. My boys gave me the most amazing Christmas/birthday present that I could ever imagine. They are my world and the time we spent together was an amazing opportunity that I am glad we got to share, and one that I will forever carry in my heart.

Thank you boys, you light up my life xx

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Happy weekend everyone x

4 Dec 2013

Snow Man Family Craft

When I saw these little guys on Pinterest I fell in love with them and just had to have some of my own. A gorgeous family of snowmen to welcome my family and friends at Christmas. 

I decided that I needed to make four, to represent my boys.
They were easy and inexpensive to make as I had all of the bits and pieces 
needed to whip them up in just a couple of hours.

I am really pleased with how they have turned out and I am 
sure that they will be around for many
Christmas's to come.

To make you will need :

*Pieces of wood
*Fabric for the head pieces
*String to tie the hats
*Material, ribbon or tinsel for the scarves
*White paint
*Buttons for the eyes, beads or orange paint for the nose
*Black glitter glue for the mouth and eyebrows
*A hot glue gun

I didn't have the wood cut into any specific lengths. I just made sure that they were all different sizes. I painted the wood roughly so that they had a worn look. 
Next cut rectangles out of the fabric, wrapped and glued them around the top creating a hat, tying with string to secure. 
The face was next. Using the glue gun, I fastened the button eyes and bead noses into place and then using the glitter glue, drew on the eyebrows and mouth.
Lastly I tied a scarf around each snowman using Christmas ribbon and tinsel pipe cleaners. 

Happy Snowman Making !


3 Dec 2013

A Birthday Letter

From day one you stole my heart. My tiny bundle of joy, a second son to bring love and happiness into our lives. A little boy to love, cherish and nurture.

It's eighteen years today since I held you in my arms for the very first time, and looked into those gorgeous blue eyes and promised always to love you, to be there for you, and forever and always protect you.

Remember that no matter what, you can always count on me. I will always be by your side.
Never doubt how much you mean to me, and how much you are loved.

You have grown up SO much. I cant believe how fast the years have gone. It seems like yesterday you were running around at knee height, and now I have to look up at you.

Forever my 'little' 'big' boy.....

Always the smallest at school, you would get very cranky when your teachers would move you to the front and make reference to your height.
So cranky that you once refused to line up and attend the school assembly unless the teacher would allow you to be last in the line instead of first.

Your determination is a strong part of your personality.

From day one you have been feisty, and have always been competitive. No matter what you are involved in, your determination to come first and not be left behind has been your number one aim.

You have grown up into a wonderful young man, one that any mother would be proud of. I am ever so grateful that God gave me the opportunity to be your mum, it is an Honor, and one that I will cherish for my entire life time.

You are a very caring person, always the first to lend a hand where ever it may be needed.

You are selfless, in a very selfish world.
You can brighten even the darkest of days.

Today as you celebrate your eighteenth birthday, I hope that the wish you make as you blow out your birthday candles comes true. You deserve nothing but happiness in your life.

So my birthday boy, may all your dreams come true, and that as you follow your life's path, you continue to do so with confidence  strength and that gorgeous smile.

The entire world is now at your feet, you are about to begin the next part of your life's journey, never loose sight of your dreams or your determination to succeed.

You are a light in my life that burns brighter each and every day.
Happy 18th birthday my sweet boy, enjoy life to the full xxxx

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