26 Sept 2017


With the baby of our family in his final weeks of school, I have found myself drifting off revisiting times gone by.  Big occasions in life will do that to you, make your mind wander and replay significant moments, cherished memories that make your heart and your family whole.

Its been twenty four years since I became a mum. Twenty four years of happiness, sadness, laughter and many mistakes made let me tell you. But you know what ? that's okay. Because without all the ups and downs we wouldn't be the family that we are today....

It started out here. High school sweet hearts.

Then we became a family...

Two years later, we were blessed with our second son. Making us a family of four...

Another two years passed and what do you know, another boy blue to join our crew...

On the day that son number three turned one, we found out some news 
that was rather unexpected, but gave us so much happiness.
We were going to be blessed with another bundle of joy...

Making us a family of six and our family was complete.

Our dynamic may be about to change and change is never easy. But with all these beautiful memories tucked under our belt, I know that we will be okay, and that no matter where life takes us we still have many years of memories left to make.

beck xx

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5 Sept 2017


With Spring in the air, it seems as though I have my craft and diy mojo back.


I have no idea where it went, maybe it was just lack of inspiration, motivation or just plain lack of time. Who knows, but lately my mind has been buzzing with ideas for my home and that makes this crafty mamma very happy.

If your like me at the moment, you may have limited cash flow. Things are a little tight right now, which doesn't leave much for me to frivolously throw it around on unnecessary items.
So with a little imagination, I have come up with two ways to decorate the walls of my lounge room that are easy to achieve and are easy on the pocket.

Animal prints seem to be the go at the moment. There are so many beautiful artists out there creating such fabulous pieces of art work it is rather hard not to be inspired. My take on these is an easy way for you to get in on the animal themed wall art, without spending a fortune. 


I found these gorgeous blank cards at Thrifties when I was buying a birthday card for a friend. They took my eye with how amazing each of them were and I just had to have them, and at $2 a card they were cheap enough not to break the bank. With the cards in hand I next headed to every woman's favourite store at the moment KMART  with the hope of finding frames that would fit the cards perfectly. 

And I had a win ... These frames were a bargain at $4 each meaning that in total my crafty diy project cost me $18 in total. Nothing to complain about there. 
The outcome ... is cheap, easy but a gorgeous way to get some art work on my bare walls.


Keeping in tune with the animal theme, I decided to make over this stag clock that I had hidden away. Purchased quite a long way back from KMART  I never got around to hanging it. 
Looking at it recently I decided that I no longer wanted to use it as a clock and my mind started ticking.

I began by pulling the clock mechanism out, then using some gorgeous vinyl contact that I purchased from Bunnings  proceeded to cover the stag.

The outcome is an unusual piece of art that was quick, cheap at $17 in total and very easy to achieve. It also makes me very happy to look at each time I enter my lounge room.

I had been after some affordable art for my lounge room, and these ideas were just perfect for what I was looking for. They look great, and were very achievable. Now I am on a roll and I cant wait to add to them.

beck xx

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