8 Feb 2013

Captured Memories

Have you ever just clicked away with your camera and taken a series of casual shots that turned out better then you ever dreamed ?

I am really getting into the spirit of Flashback Friday Cathy is doing a wonderful job motivating everyone and I am having a great old time sitting down with a coffee pouring through my vast collection of photos I really must sort them out one day

Anyway, I was unsure exactly what to share with you this week, but when I came across these photos, I instantly knew that they were perfect for this weeks Flashback.

I remember the exact day I took these photos, my youngest and I were meant to go to the park to "test" out the new camera that Mr Crafty had recently purchased. Unfortunately, our plans had to be ditched when we woke to stormy weather. After dropping the eldest three boys at school, we returned to the dry comforts of home for some indoor fun.

He was watching "Hi Five" I remember his giggles and his cheeky toddler dancing, I grabbed the camera and began to snap away, it was magical, but if we could turn the clock back and let him see himself, I am sure that I would be receiving those teenage sighs and rolling eyes "Oh mum, how embarrassing" .... but it's a time that I will cherish forever and these photos capture him perfectly.

I am quite proud of these photos and I hope that by sharing them with you, you might just catch a small glimpse into the fun, loving personality of my little guy who is no longer such a little guy anymore

Linking up with Cathy for Flashback Friday


  1. Beautiful photos, and great post.

    1. Thank you Ana :) so glad you stopped by xx

  2. The camera has to be one of the best inventions EVER in my opinion! Just the ability to capture moments frozen in time, like you have with your little guy, is something very special. Wonderful series of photos - and you're right, you treasure them and more as the subject gets older. I'm really enjoying going through old photo albums for Flashback Friday - glad you are too xx

    1. I am always armed with my camera, although I must admit my iphone has kind of replaced my camera itself these days, and no matter how much my boys protest of me snapping away, It's something that I tell them to deal with and get over as this mum will never stop shoving a camera in their faces :)



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