31 Mar 2017


North Queensland.
Beautiful one day. Shattered the next.

Cyclone Debbie,
She came, she roared, she left behind her a devastating path of destruction.

Our region has been flattened and will feel it for many months to come. The Whitsunday Islands, Airlie Beach and Bowen, I have no words. Battered beyond belief, now unrecognisable. One of Australia's most beautiful destinations beaten to within an inch of its life, it is going to take months to rebuild what was.
The farmers, they have lost everything. An industry that is already struggling is now so broken it will take an army of support to help bring them back to life. I am devastated for everyone who has been affected.
In comparison we got off lightly. Our lively hood was not stripped from us and our home is still standing just as before. We also avoided any flooding. We did loose part of  a fence and part of our beautiful tree, but our family is safe and truly that is all that matters.

 As you can see from the photos above, we live next to a pathway and the part of our fence that collapsed under the pressure of Cyclone Debbie gave the public direct access to our pool. Understandably it caused us quite a lot of concern. Since the direct passing of the cyclone, my husband Dan has worked tirelessly in all matter of weather to fix our fence for the safety others. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for all his hard work.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for checking in with us to make sure that our family was safe. I received phone calls, text messages and so much Instagram and Facebook love that tears were inevitable. Many of you who sent messages of well wishes, love and support I have yet had the chance to meet. It truly made me realise what a fantastic community I have found with all of you.

Thank you again
beck xx

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27 Mar 2017


That's about all we can do at the moment. Is wait. Wait, watch and prepare as Cyclone Debbie intensifies and bares down on North Queensland.

It's kind of weird feeling. The uncertainty of exactly where she will hit and the amount of destruction she will leave behind her nobody really knows. All we do know is that the next 24 hours are going to be wild. So hang on tight everyone, there is no slowing her down.
Currently Debbie is sitting at a cat 3. With predictions that she will hit the coast at a cat 4. The core is  at least 100 km wide with wind gusts reaching up to 280 km per hour. It's quite extraordinary, such an incredible force to be faced with.

We here at Mackay are preparing for the worst.
More than 25,000 people here have been evacuated this afternoon with many more leaving on their own accord. And while we live outside of the "flood zone areas" we still need to be ready for the mighty storm that is on its way. Earlier today the winds were already strong enough to bring down trees, and the normal buzz in the city was ever so quiet.

Image source ABC News Mackay
We are as ready as we can be. Anything that was sitting loose in our yard has been removed. The cupboards are full, the BBQ has gas and the cars are filled with fuel.

I hope that no one is being complacent and that everyone is taking all the warnings seriously. Mackay's Mayor is urging the community to stick together. To check on our neighbours and those who are alone, and even though we as a community have been here before, it is now up to us to make sure that we get through this severe weather event that is just about on our doorstep together as a whole.

Emergency services are ready. There has been plenty of warning of what is yet to come.
Stay safe North Queensland. May we all stand together and come out the other side without too much loss.

beck xx

22 Mar 2017

THIS WEEK so far !

This week so far has been chaotic, full of activity, happy news and yummy food to fill our bellies. We are settling in well to being a family of six back under one roof, and any hiccups that could have come about haven't which is very pleasing for this mother.

So without rambling on to much, here is what has been going on in our week so far.

Our floors are finally finished and our home has returned to its normal state which pleases me immensely.

Before the rain hit we got the yard work done. Freshly mowed grass gives me the warm fuzzies. And speaking of fuzzies, our front hedge is growing nicely and looks amazing at the moment, bursting with these gorgeous blooms.

A quick trip to my mums house.....no one was home!

Food to please the masses continues to make its way out of the kitchen. I won over the crowd this week with cake and blueberry muffins. I also made Fish Tacos. WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN ALL MY LIFE ? These will be making another appearance very soon.

Will you just look at my fig. Go on LOOK AT IT  big, beautiful and still alive. Its a miracle .

I've mentioned before that my water intake isn't what it should be. But guess what....for the past week and a half it is all that I have been drinking. My skin is feeling great and my lips are no longer dry is that the water ? I don't know. I also have't eaten any bread for two weeks and people I feel pretty darn good. The weight is beginning to drop off and that is my ultimate goal.

Yesterday looking out to sea it was hard not to break out into a huge smile as I thought about the amazing week we have had as a family so far. One of my boys who has been out of work got a really good job. His spirits have lifted and a weight taken off his shoulders and ours The drought was also finally broken for my other son also out of work and he had a job interview yesterday. All our fingers are crossed that this will be the job for him as well. Positive thinking is our mantra, with the hope that the phone rings with positive news for him too.

How has your week been ?
Has anything exciting happened to you and your family ?

beck xx

14 Mar 2017


Well that's it guys, the beginning of the end has arrived and I am feeling all kinds of emotions.
On Friday just gone, Mackay held its annual Mocktail event at the Entertainment Centre. The invitation is sent to all students both public and private who are currently studying grade twelve providing their behaviour is of a high standard. It is a chance for the students to let their hair down and mingle with others who are going through the same stress and worry of the up coming exams that will determine their schooling ability and help determine their next step of life.

This year is our fourth and final run of grade twelve.

Currently, we are guiding our youngest son through the turmoil of study and the stress of deciding the path of his future. To be honest after four attempts of trying to successfully navigate it all as a parent, I am glad that we have almost reached the end. It's not an easy time for our kids, so for them to have the opportunity to dress up, have some fun and forget the seriousness of it all, well I am all for it.

My stomach was doing flip flops, my heart was full and happy, my head was over thinking the fact that this was it, my baby was near the end of his childhood and on the verge of becoming a man. I am so proud yet not quite ready to acknowledge that we have already reached this stage of our lives. I know he is ready for his future to begin, to start the next chapter of his life.

Me on the other hand, I am ready to bid farewell to the lunch boxes and stinky uneaten food, the school uniforms, the notes and for the endless homework fights to end. I am excited to see where he will land next, but  I am not so happy to be at the stage of letting go. To be left behind and made redundant. Where my next path will lead me I have no clue, but for now its guiding this young man through the remainder of the year with encouragement and endless love and support.

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9 Mar 2017

ONE THING - Cleaning the oven

If you read BABYMAC and I'm sure that you do. You would know that Beth shares posts about her #onething . It is when you tackle something that is not on your everyday to-do list. It's something that you know you need to get done, but keep putting off.

I have many things on my #onething list for 2017 that I know will all get completed. Someday.

If there is one household job that I hate doing with a passion it's cleaning the oven. I'm fine with washing, ironing and folding for six. And cleaning bathrooms is no problem. However being the only female in the house cleaning the toilet comes a very close second. Why cant boys aim right ?

Having a large family (now all back home) you can imagine the workout my poor old oven gets. She is a fast, reliable old girl and without her my job wouldn't be so easy. But boy, she is a bugger to clean.
So this past week I finally reached my limit. I got down and dirty for my 'one thing' and got that girl looking brand spanking new.

Look how grubby I let her get. I am almost ashamed to post this before photo. Totally not acceptable.

She needed a good old soak and elbow grease, but with a little patience and a lot of scrubbing she started to take on the look of a brand new oven.

And would you look at that. All sparkling with more of the look of a bathroom mirror than as oven.

Do you play along with Beth's One Thing posts ?
Am I the only one who leaves the cleaning of their oven until smoke billows out ?

I always say that I will never leave it as long next time. But I know full well that I am kidding myself. Its quite the vicious cycle.

beck xx

7 Mar 2017


Lets talk about you...

Are you taking care of yourself ?
Are you making self care a priority ?

So many of us mums put ourselves way down on the list of people and things to take care of. Our children, partners and homes all come first. It's what we watched our mothers and grandmothers do before us,  and dare I say what we have been programmed do to. But every now and then we must not forget to take a few moments for ourselves. To clear our minds, relax our bodies and just to refresh in general. After all if we don't take good care of ourselves we cant take care of those we love most.

Self care is essential for taking care of your mental and physical health. Its sometimes hard for us mums to keep ourselves within the big picture. We can get so overwhelmed with the every day buzz of life that sometimes more often then not, we put ourselves in the back seat, always promising ourselves some down time that we don't always get.
I have been guilty of this SO many times over the years, and I am sure that you have as well.

Well mums, its time to schedule in some me time.  Its time to put yourself first for a few moments. Half an hour, an hour, a full day. What ever you can afford, DO IT.

I've put together a list of things that wont take up too much of your precious time, but will still allow you to stop, breathe and take care of you for a few moments. To give you a break and some much needed "me time" You deserve it, I deserve it, we all deserve self care.

Read a book
Take a long soak in a bubble
Light a candle
Listen to your favourite music
Have a leisurely cup of coffee
Take a nap
Have a date night
Indulge in a face mask
Paint your nails
Watch a movie
Catch up with a friend
Enjoy your favourite meal
Do something new
Get your hair done

Remember, self care is not optional, its essential to keeping your body, mind and soul healthy and happy, so that you can look after your family to the best of your ability, without being exhausted and feeling as though you are walking up a never ending hill. Without you fit and healthy your family wont be. Its as simple as taking some time for yourself. Its something we all need to do.
Its a learned practice, so lets do it together.

beck xx

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5 Mar 2017


23 years....
It seems a life time ago, and yet in some ways it still feels like yesterday.

This year 23 years ago....
Paul Keating was Australia's Prime Minister
Muriels Wedding and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert hit the big screen.
Blue Heelers premiered on Channel seven and we bid a final farewell to the much loved TV show Mother and Son.
The Gold Logie went to Ray Martin.
The Canberra Raiders won the NRL Grand Final.

In 1994 Justin Bieber, Harry Styles and Dakota Fanning were all born.
And we bid a sad farewell to Kurt Cobain and John Candy.
Sheryl Crow won the Grammy for Best New Artist.
And the Academy Award for Best Picture went to Schindler's List.

Oh and along with all that. On this day March 5th 1994....
I married my high school sweetheart

Seriously, how is it that today marks twenty three years since I said I do ? I was so happy that the day had finally arrived, and a whole lot nervous that something would go wrong. Thankfully it didn't and I am able to say that I had the fairy tale wedding of my dreams.

our baby boy was apart of our day 

We were very young. I was just nineteen, and my man a mere twenty years old. But we knew we were meant to be together, even though many said we wouldn't last we proved them wrong.
Right from the start we had the support of our amazing parents and to this day we still do. Without the four of them we wouldn't be standing here today celebrating twenty three years of wedded bliss.

Our parents have always supported us
So far our life together has been filled with so much joy and love. We were blessed with four amazing sons, and we couldn't be prouder of the family that we have built together.
Today as I wish my man a happy 23rd wedding anniversary I do so with all of my heart. May our future together be just as wonderful as our past.

beck xx

3 Mar 2017


If you read my blog or follow along on Instagram. You know that this year I am trying to be a "better me". I need to loose quite a bit of weight which is my ultimate goal, but I am also trying to get myself into a better routine that will help me reach and keep that goal for the rest of my life.

I found this twelve month challenge on the ever wonderful Pinterst. It is helping me to make changes slowly, with the hope  that by doing this the changes will stick and become life long habits.
So far I have lost no weight, but then again I haven't gained any either thank goodness for the small things but I am not being deterred by this. I am going to ramp up my exercise and watch more closely to what I am putting in my mouth. This I know is the key to success so its time to put my money where my mouth is and stop wishing that I will loose weight without the effort.

January saw me following along with upping my water intake, ans although I am consuming more, I know that I can still do better.
February was making sure to eat breakfast every day. This one I knew would be hard for me. I have never been a breakfast eater. Even as a kid I only ever ate the occasional morning meal. But I gave it a good go and did really well. Overnight oats became my go to and I found that making them the night before while making school lunches was an easy and effective way for me to just grab and eat the next morning. All in all I think that I only missed a handful of breakfasts.This month I am going to give chia puddings a go.

March is the month for adding more sleep to my life. Does this mean I can nanna nap ? I don't know how this one will turn out, but I sure am going to do my best. Going to bed early is not my problem. Its putting my book down once I am there.

Are you taking steps this year to be a "better you "?
Is there any tips you could give me to ramp up the weight loss ?
Do you make chia puddings ?

beck xx

1 Mar 2017

TAKING STOCK - February 2017

Well there she goes. Another month done and dusted. If your like me, its like I blinked and February was gone in a flash. So with another month on the calendar gone, its time to Take Stock again just like PIP and share the up and downs of February 2017.

Making small changes within myself with the hope that sticking to them will be easier
Looking forward to celebrating my twenty third wedding anniversary next week
Cooking almost double to what had become the norm now that my eldest two boys have returned to the nest
Drinking more water. Well still trying to anyway. I just dont like the taste all that much
Reading another handful of books this past month. Currently reading Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult.
Trawling the internet for yummy healthy Chia Puddings. Yes another band wagon I want to jump on
Wanting to treat myself to my first ever professional pedicure, but thinking its a waste of good money. Surely there are other things more important then my toes.
Deciding if I need a few more indoor house plants
Wishing that I lived somewhere that would get a good decent Autumn and Winter
Enjoying the rain we have been having this last week of Summer
Waiting impatiently patiently to go away on a holiday. Its been two years since our last one
Liking having all my boys back home. It may not have happened under the best circumstances, but they are here and things so far are going really well
Wondering if we will ever be finished with renovating this darn house
Loving Mall Walking. It has been the perfect way to reintroduce my body to exercise
Listening to the laughter of my boys altogether and the funny conversations they have
Considering chopping my hair off again. Not completely short, but maybe into a bob. I'm not sure. What do you think ?
Buying more food than usual. Feeding six of us, five of which are men, isn't always easy on the pocket
Watching Shameless, Call The Midwife and Mad Men. Such a divierse collection of shows I know
Hoping that the coming electricity bill isn't going to bite to hard
Cringing at the continued humidity
Needing an airconditioner in the bedroom before next Summer
Questioning the people of our city that voted in George Christensen. Are you serious ?
Wearing shorts and cotton tees. Its way too hot for anything else
Noticing that my baby youngest son has grown another inch taller in the past month
Knowing that even though we are living in slightly cramped conditions, we are doing the best things for our boys by having them return home to live after both loosing their jobs. I am secretly chuffed by having all my chicks under my roof once again just quietly
Thinking of cooler days and nights that seem way to far in the future
Admiring women of all walks of life and what each and everyone of us can do and achieve
Getting way too obsessed with trashy TV
Disliking running the airconditioner so much
Opening bills. Rego, rates, electricity the list goes on
Closing the door on bad memories. Its time
Feeling good about the small changes I am making for a better, fitter, slimmer me
Hearing my son count down until he finishes grade twelve already gives me a shiver all over knowing that he is my last baby at school
Pretending I have a more exciting life. I think it is time to step out and live the life I dream of
Embracing the future and all that it may bring

And that is February in a nut shell. Fast, furious and gone in the blink of an eye.
March, you are next. Be kind, gentle and please take your time to pass.
Was February kind to you ?

beck xx


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