3 Feb 2013

Things That Made Me Smile - WK5

Whoops, I nearly let the day get away from me, I almost forgot my 'smilie' post. It's Sunday all ready, my it came around quickly this week.
With the return of school and the struggle to gain some form of routine (yes, for some reason this time I am struggling to sort myself out) the week has rushed by at an alarming pace.
But thankfully, just as I was about to head back to the kitchen to sort out tomorrows lunch boxes, I realised that I had something more appealing to attend to :)

So lets go !!

So many things gave me reason to smile this week, they don't necessarily have to be major occurrences. Sometimes its the smaller things in life that bring us more joy. For example this week for me, something as simple as the sun showing itself after a long weeks absence was enough to put a smile on my face for a few days running. Spying and buying a few fabric bargains at Spotlight hidden from Hubby shhhh got me giggling like a school girl (they will magically appear in the next few days)
Spread out on the floor pouring over paint charts and sharing a small but cheeky smile when Mr Crafty caught me yes I am about to paint the house AGAIN.
A relaxing swim, a coffee date.
Receiving a pretty bunch of flowers.
And enjoying the wonderful aroma of my new gorgeous Black Raspberry candle.
So many small things that all add up to an amazing week.
I am so grateful for these wonderful gestures that made my week enjoyable. I hope that at some point during your week you to were able to smile and enjoy life's simple pleasures to.

Oh and I almost forgot !!

I just purchased a Chicken Coop :)

Keep smiling xx

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