30 Jun 2012

Swapping slippers for heels

Last night I had to put aside my PJ's and slippers and put on my heels and makeup instead.
Hubby and I were going out. Don't get excited...this was not a "date night" we were supervising a 19th birthday party at the local pub !! As per pub rules,a "mature" person or persons must accompany the group if there are any "underage" kids invited,as this was the case,they needed parent supervision and so they asked hubby and I to come along !!

I had to behave myself,I had to be the good responsible adult......
I could do that, of course I could.
Turns out it wasn't that hard at all.

I had been to the "club" side of this place for dinner before but had never ventured into the "public bar" area.OH MY what an eye opener..Hubby and I sat in a booth next to the party goers,and as per usual I started "people" watching !! Let me ask, don't young women look in the mirror before they leave the house anymore ? The inappropriate clothes and displays of behavior made me thankful for having sons,and the language ..... OH MY WORD the men were tame compared these young ladies.
The kids we were there for behaved (at least while we were there) lol. They talked,played pool and those who were of age had a few drinks. I was a little nervous,after all this was the first time I had witnessed my eldest son "out on the town" with his mates, but things seemed to be going along just fine.
Thankfully as the band started playing it was time for the underage kids to go.....YAY that meant I could go home to,It seemed I couldn't leave quick enough...I enjoyed seeing the kids have a great time,after all I have watched them all grow up and I love them all dearly,but honestly this seedy bar scene was not for me and I will not be returning any time soon (unless I am asked to be the responsible adult again)

Three of the "party goers"

28 Jun 2012

Unexpected Friendship

Exactly a year ago,I decided to give in and see what all the twitter fuss was about. I had heard many things about it,both positive and negative,but decided to go ahead and make up my own mind.

I decided to "follow" a "celebrity" Mum that I admired,and honestly never expected  much to come of it.

WOW...was I mistaken !!

Other "followers" of this celebrity Mum started to follow me and I them,and I began to find some really lovely people from all over the world....but let me tell you,I came across some real nasty ones to......this is when I found out about "blocking" (I'm real good at it now) :)
The lovley people on Twitter definately out weigh the bad thank goodness and these I now call my "Twitter Family". Everyday we chat,laugh and share our daily goings on all through this wonderful strange cyber world. My family say I am a Twitter addict now !! LOL,I guess they are right !!

Every  single one of these people I love dearly,but there is one special lady that has really become a part of my life,a true friend.

We both live in Australia but on opposite sides of this vast Country,we have not met (yet) but thanks to Twitter, I truely believe we have become more then "cyber" friends.
This lady is not only a fantastic person,but a selfless one,who has given  to others so much more then she gives herself. She is a wonderful Mother to both her biological and her foster children,a wonderful wife and the best friend anyone could ever wish for.
I am currently in the process of planning a trip to meet this wonderful friend and I must admit I am beyond excited to finally meet with her face to face. (I hope she is to )

So Julie,thank you for finding me on Twitter,
Thank you for showing me the ropes,
Thank you for your encouragment and know that without you this blog would not even be possible.
You are one in a million,definatley one of the most wonderful people I believe I will ever have the pleasure of knowing and I am proud to be able to call you my friend......

25 Jun 2012

Four Little Faces

 I remember these four cheeky faces like it was yesterday,not twelve long years ago.

           I remember dirty faces,chubby hands and the sound of little voices calling out to me.

I remember all the "firsts".... first cries,first words,first steps and first days at school,where it was me who was the one to cry. I have so many wonderful childhood memories of my "little" boys,memories that I will cherish forever,memories that will never fade.

                        Now,these are the faces that look back at me.

Boy! They grow up so fast. to fast for my liking. Where have the years gone. No longer are we dealing in tonka trucks and mud pies and toddler tantrums....now its's cars and curfews and teenage attitudes ( which can be harder then the terrible twos to deal with )
But even though I miss those "little" boys,my "big" boys bring me just as much joy. As Mum to these four amazing boys,I'd like to thank them for our journey together so far,a journey that is far from over,a journey that will continue to give us wonderful memories. We are now in a chapter of new "firsts"....first jobs,first driving lessons,first car bingles, and the one that at this moment in time is breaking my heart, the first preparing to leave home. I know it has to happen and I know he WILL be fine,but he is still my baby and I am allowed to cry, am I not ???

I am really proud of my boys/young men,and I hope they realize just how proud they make their mum.


23 Jun 2012


How exciting,I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and taking baby steps into the world of blogging ..

Blogging is something I've thought of doing for a while now,but was not confidant enough to try, but with the gentle encouragment and a lot of help from a wonderful friend, I've decided that I have nothing to loose,so here I am. CraftyPJMum..

Here I will share how I survive raising four teenage boys,my love of scrapbooking and painting,how I'm NEVER without a book in my hands and of course my love of PJ's ( yes I have been caught out doing the school run in my pj's )
General family favourites such as holidays,photos and recipes will also be shared ( though I'm certainly no chef )

My aim is to create a blog that will give you a glimpse inside my busy,chaotic life. The ups and downs, the downright messy, just the everyday goings on that keeps me on my toes.

So come aboard and hang on tight as I take you on the ride I call "my life"


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