8 Feb 2013

A Photo Board, An Angry Bird and a Quilt...

This year I vowed to get my lazy butt into gear and get my craft mojo back. It's been missing of late and it's irritated me more than you could ever imagine. I never use to be without a project on the go. Now, thanks to some lovely creative ladies and their inspiring blogs, a little bit of thought and planning on my part, and a whole lot of mess on my kitchen table, it seems that I am back in the swing of things creating left right and center with a few hits and misses thrown in for a laugh along the way.

The first project that I decided to try my hand at turned out to be nothing short of a disaster. Well not a total disaster, more of a giggle. And yes I would say my crafty "miss" of the week :)
If you have read my post about my Owl collection Find it here you will know that I just love my little collection of Owls and dislike one somewhat  So after finding a pattern for a gorgeous fabric Owl, I gave it a go .....

WHAT THE....            

It looks more like a rabid angry bird ! Oh the giggles that came from my boys were infectious. There was no way that I could look at this Owl or whatever it is without falling into fits of laughter myself.
I actually have it's mate cut out in preparation to be made, but I do believe that one of these creatures around the house is enough .

My second project this week was much more successful. I have wanted a fabric photo board for a while now and figured that instead of purchasing one, it would be a lot more fun to make it.
The result is one that I am really happy with.

And I think that I will make another for myself and maybe one for my mum for her birthday.......

So yes, I am pleased to say that I am slowly getting my crafting mojo back.

I am at the moment in the beginning stages of creating my very first quilt. I feel a little daunted at the process, but if I take my time, I am sure that it will turn out just fine.

 Fingers crossed.

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