1 Dec 2016

TAKING STOCK - November 2016

I never truly believed that as you got older the years would go by much quicker, boy was I wrong. But here we are at the pointy end of the year, when we all feel exhausted and drained, ready for a break then a fresh start.

School is over, the weather is heating up and with summer just around the corner its time to get the pool and air conditioning into tip top shape. Its also time to get  ready for a visit from Santa, and deck the halls with decorations and cheer.

November was busy, but we made through...

Making  room for our son to move back home after two years.
Reading  The House Of Memories by Monica McInerney
Wanting  Rain. Its been a while since we had good soaking rain. The grass is crunchy and everything is beginning to brown.
Looking  for more good books to read, or TV series to watch. What do you recommend ?
Playing  the Dixie Chicks in my car and Adele while I am cleaning house.
Deciding  on meals to cook for the remainder of the year. I tend to loose my kitchen mojo at this time of year. I am constantly asking Santa for a private chef, but he never delivers. I must not be a very good girl.
Wishing  for a white Christmas that I know will never come.
Enjoying  having my son back home, I never thought he would ever move back. Unfortunately it is because he will be out of work in ten days which isn't good, but I am loving every minute of it.
Waiting  for my husbands holidays to start. I have a long list of chores for him to do.
Liking  the lazy mornings that school holidays bring.
Wondering  if Summer is going to be as long and as humid as last year ?
Loving  that it is almost Christmas.
Considering  what direction I want the blog to take in 2017. I've been quite absent this year and I really want to turn that around.
Buying  Christmas presents, candles and food. Always food to feed those hungry boys of mine.
Watching  Newsroom. We were a few years late to the Newsroom party but what a fabulous show. I couldn't believe that it was only three seasons long !
Hoping  for another beautiful Christmas full of love, joy and memories.
Cringing  at the road toll here in Mackay. Three young lives lost just this past weekend.
Needing  to win the lottery.
Questioning  or rather not questioning my son anymore if he has his lunch box, does he have homework. Gee I love school holidays.
Smelling  all the gorgeous Spring flowers.
Wearing  the coolest clothes possible to beat this horrid heat.
Following  the blog, Instagram feed and Snapchat of the gorgeous Kristen Mittler / Old Joy. She brightens my day with her posts.
Noticing  recently just how tall and mature my boys are getting, they grow up way to fast don't they.
Knowing  that I will be spending many a day floating in the pool this Summer.
Thinking  about what the New Year will bring with it.
Admiring  how hard my husband works.
Sorting  clothes. Those to throw, those to donate and those to pass down.
Getting  very frustrated with our dogs digging up the back yard.
Disliking  all the businesses that are closing down and putting people out of work.
Opening  the box of Christmas decorations and taking a walk down memory lane.
Giggling  at my sons annoyance at hearing Christmas carols in November.
Feeling  hot and very lazy. I really need some motivation.
Snacking  on carrots and hummus.
Helping  my two eldest boys move house. AGAIN.
Hearing  my boys laughing together and feeling all the feels that it brings.

How was your November ?

beck xx


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