22 Feb 2013

Holiday Memories

For this weeks flashback, I decided to look back on a time that I will cherish forever. A time that has given us a wonderful family memory that is still reflected on and spoken about often.

A family holiday.

We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of Australia. The tip of the Great Barrier Reef, only an hours drive from the beautiful Whitsunday Islands and Airlie Beach, so it's not unusual for us in the summer to pack up for a relaxing day trip. 
However every now and then we take a week long trip to "get away" from the daily grind, and being not far from home it is an easy trip to make.

Our first week long trip to the Whitsundays was back in 2005, we had been living in the area for at least three years and had done many day trips, but decided to throw caution to the wind and pack up our tribe for a longer stay. 
It was magical....
Days at the beach, long lazy lunches and BBQ's by the resort pool. The boys had a blast. It was a dream that became a reality, a parents dream to give our sons the opportunity to make wonderful memories.

The day before we left, we decided that we would take the boys on an adventure of a life time. A day cruise to the Islands. 
What an amazing experience..... 
The water was perfect, the breeze was light. It was perfection.
We got the opportunity to go down in a submarine to see the sea life close up. WOW I was lost for words, gob smacked. And the boys reaction was a delight on it's own.
All aboard the submarine

But the best part of the day was stopping at the beautiful Whitehaven Beach where the boys learnt to snorkel for the very first time.
Turtles swam by, fish came right up close, close enough to reach out and touch. It was an experience that we will never forget, one that we will cherish forever.

We have been back many times since, and done many cruises. But I have to admit that the first experience of anything, is the one that sticks to mind.
Snorkel fun
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  1. Beautiful memories. You reminded me that when we take our children on holidays, we are creating the memories they will hopefully treasure, just like the ones we look back on. I felt relaxed just reading your post - how lucky are you to live in such a gorgeous part of Australia?! Thanks for linking up again - hope you're enjoying the flashbacks :)

  2. We had a very similar holiday in the early 2000's - can't recall what year. We stayed at Hamilton Island and did a couple of day trips. One to Whitehaven Beach and one to Barrier Reef World. Awesome memories. Must dig up the photo's and use for a future Flashback Friday :-) Min xo

  3. You realize, with my arms in the sink, that I am insanely jealous. What an amazing part of the world. Kim

  4. What a beautiful part of the world ... what fabulous memories you were able to make with the kids.



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