20 Feb 2013

I Put Manu First.....One Day I Will Learn

It was my own fault. I let the family eat in the lounge room so that I didn't miss out on watching "My Kitchen Rules".
I love like Manu :)

It happened, what I knew was a possibility, but I decided to remove that niggling thought from the corner of my mind. Manu was on TV after all.
I love like Manu :)

Slow motion......
Darn it, no matter how fast anyone moved, there was no way that it was preventable.

It was a nasty mess
Spaghetti bolognaise all over cream carpet :(


I lost it

There was absolutely no need to

It was after all my fault. I should know better. I am the parent. But it was time to watch Manu.
I love  like Manu
That is my only defence !

My poor boy, he was like a startled possum, he didn't know what to do, where to go or where to look. I froze and let Hubby take charge, that was miracle a great help while I gathered my thoughts, calmed my state of mind, controlled myself, and went in search of carpet cleaner.

It wasn't my son that I was upset with. It was myself. It was completely and utterly NO fault of his, which I did explain to him when I calmed down (for the record, I never yelled or screamed at him, I just kind of froze and turned a lovely shade of purple) I was totally wild at myself for allowing my wants and needs to come above all else. I was selfish and self obsessed.

One day I will learn to think before I react, I will breathe and count to three before blowing things out of proportion. It is only carpet after all even though I am still battling with the stain and many times over, things like this will happen in life........

I made a mistake, I said sorry.
But did I learn my lesson ?

We continued to eat in front of the TV.                                        

Can you blame me ?
It was after all Manu :)


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