12 Feb 2013

What I Do For One, I Do For All

Last night we attended yet another Year Eight welcome evening at our sons High School. It is an event that is held each year so that the parents of the "new" High School students can mingle, and introduce themselves to their children's home room and subject teachers, year advisor and principal.
For us, it was our fourth time attending this information evening so most of the teachers I already knew. Yes, most teachers at the school by now know me by name and I am often greeted with the knowing smile of "here she comes again" !

I am often asked why I continue to attend these school functions time and time again when I already know "the drill" when it's the same thing year in year out.

It's simple....
What I do for one of my children, I do for all. No matter how many principal speeches I have to sit through, and lets face it, they are ALL the same :) and no matter how many tours of the same school I have to take, it doesn't matter, for each time I do these things with each of my sons it's a bonding time, it's magical. To see how each of them enjoy new experiences and their individual reactions is something that as a mother brings me happiness and joy, and I do not want to miss out on a single event or experience that involves my boys.

No matter how many children I have, I believe that they all deserve my equal attention and interest in all that they do. So yes, if that means attending the same functions and listening to the same speeches, I am there !

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