2 Jan 2018

An End OF An Era

Pause Rewind Stop

It’s only the second day of this brand new year and I’m already taking a step back in time. Back to November when unfortunate circumstances made me miss one of the most important days of my youngest sons life.

On November 17th 2017 my baby boy graduated grade twelve, the last of our boys to do so.

I should have been there, I should have been standing with the other parents sharing this momentous occasion. My son deserved my presence, he should have been able to see me in the crowd knowing that I was supporting him and sending him all my love. He deserved to be able to look in my eyes and see just how proud I am of him. We should have been able to share this time in his life together, but some random man on a country road took this away from us. He stole this precious moment, one we can never get back.

In the weeks leading up to his graduation, I would often stop to take a moment and think back over the years and how fast this day had approached. Sometimes it left me shaking from the sheer power of what this day would mean.....

There are no more school days for our family. There would be no more morning rush doing the school run in my pj’s, no more lunch boxes to pack and no more mid morning calls asking me to bring them forgotten homework.
This was the day that my job as a school mum came to an end. My baby Ben is all grown up now, he has left school behind him and is about to enter the next stage of his life while I will be left behind watching from the sidelines praying that he will still call me and say....

“ I need you mum”

You bring so much joy to our family. From the second you were born you completed us.
Your smile brightens every room, your laughter contagious.
I am ever so proud of the young man you have become, the future is yours, go out and make your mark on the world.
I am so very sorry that I missed your graduation, it’s something that I will regret for the rest of my days. Please know that not once on that day did you leave my thoughts or my heart. You mean the absolute world to me, you make everyday worth living.
As you head off to university next month, know that no matter how far apart we are you can always count on me to be there for you. I’m just a phone call away.
I will always love you my possum. Good luck on your next adventure.

beck xx

1 Jan 2018

Farewell 2017 Hello 2018

Are you like me and happy to start fresh with a brand new year ?
Are you ready to bid a fond farewell to 2017, and make 2018 your best year yet ?


Last year started off pretty well with not much to complain about. Generally  2017 continued to be a pretty awesome year. As a family we were living well, loving fiercely and pretty happy with how our year was progressing. And for the most part our family was doing A OKAY.

That was until October when our lives took a disastrous turn. A trauma that rocked us to our very core .....
(But more about that at a later date when I feel ready to share)

This year I’m not making any “resolutions”, I’m just going to follow the path that life decides to lead me. Hopefully it takes me along a path of happiness, wellness and adventure, but who really knows what lies ahead ? These past few months have shown me that nobody ever knows where life will lead them, that in the blink of eye everything can change, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.
So with that in mind I’m going to make sure that I enjoy the little things that life has to offer, I’m going to take that walk and make time in my day to visit my favourite beach. To spend more quality time with my family, but also take the time to enjoy solitude, to centre my being and find an inner peace that will hopefully stop me getting so frazzled over the little things. Because after all there is nothing at all wrong with improving ourselves and the way we live this life we are gifted.

Are you making any New Year resolutions ?
Or are you just going to go with the flow this year ?
Whatever you have decided to do, I hope that 2018 is kind to you and yours, and brings nothing but love and happiness your way.

beck xx

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9 Oct 2017


Summer is just around the corner bringing with it long lazy days by the pool, backyard BBQ's with family and friends and the return of the dreaded mozzie who on there own are enough to turn summer fun into summer misery.

If your anything like me, you attract the mozzie with a vengeance. They attack you in swarms sucking the life out of you, leaving your skin with huge itchy welts.

Not much fun huh !

It doesn't seem to matter how often I spray repellent, they always seem to find a way to bite me.

So this year I have done some research on others ways that I can help to give the mozzies the boot, and it seems that there are some plants out there that can help repel the beast.


Lavender is a plant that grows well indoors and out which has a double advantage when it comes to mosquitoes. Lavender help repel the pest as they do not like the scent that the plant gives off. So planting some in the garden or keeping a pot of lavender indoors will help to keep them at bay.


The smell of basil is loathed by mosquitoes. Rub the fresh leaves onto your skin for a natural repellent that will deter the most pesky mozzie.


Besides being edible and adding a gorgeous splash of colour to your garden beds, marigolds are useful for keeping mozzies away from humans and aphids away from your plants and vegetable gardens. A handy little plant indeed.


The original bug repellent that is a common ingredient in almost every store bought repellent out there. Add one of these attractive plants to your pool or BBQ area this summer.


Peppermint will fill your garden with a gorgeous scent as well as repelling the warm weather pest. A natural insecticide, it kills as well as repels.

Remember these plants are just some species that help to repel mosquitoes, and wont do the job all on their own. They are just a preventive and other measures need to be taken as well.

Make sure that all containers around your home are empty of water, and there are no puddles of water that will attract mozzies, and always keep a repellent spray handy to keep those nasty little critters away so that you can enjoy your summer like you deserve.

beck xx

3 Oct 2017


I wasn’t going to weigh in on the marriage equality debate, but I’ve changed my mind. And as a woman that is my prerogative.

You see Mr Turnbull, I honestly don’t understand why you are against marriage of same sex couples.

Do you see it as some kind of threat ?

I can’t see the point of wasting precious time and funds by asking Australians to vote on something that should be a no brainer. It doesn't need to be hard.

Tell me something Prime Minister. Are you scared ?
Do you think that by making same sex marriage legal, you will look weak ? That you will look like a follower ? Like someone who is under pressure to conform to society ?

Well let me tell you Mr Turnbull you are weak, and I believe that you are scared. Of what I am uncertain, but to many your weakness and lack of courage is obvious.
Lend me an ear Prime Minister, as I have something to say to you, something that you ought to know.

I am the proud Australian mother of an openly gay son. A son who deserves respect, a grown man who deserves the right to make his own choices, an Australian citizen who deserves to love and marry the person he chooses  just like you and me, because he is just like you and me. Human and nobody has the right to deny a human being happiness.
You say fairness and equality are at the heart of Australian society so tell me, why are you not playing fair ?
As a parent yourself I am sure that you want your children to live long and happy lives, so why do you want to deny my son the same right ?
I have no doubt that you would want your children to feel loved and complete, so why do you want my son to live through life without the contentment that marrying your soul mate gives ?
I am also sure that you would stand up for your child if push came to shove, that you would stand up and support your child in a fierce manner that only a parent can. And you know what Malcolm Turnbull, that is exactly what I am doing. I am standing up for my son who should have the same rights as his brothers, I am supporting my son publicly and I am being fierce Mr Turnball as only a mother knows how.

What right do you have Prime Minister ?
Can you answer that question honestly ?
Were you not voted in to lead this country and its people, not degrade some of them of their human right ?

Marriage is the commitment of two people who love each other, and no one that walks this earth should be made to feel ashamed of who they are, who they love or who fulfils them.

Mr Prime Minister, as a mother to four sons I must ask you.
How would you honestly feel if one of your children was to be treated differently than another ?
Let me answer it for you.....

It would break your heart !


2 Oct 2017

AUGUST / SEPTEMBER Health and Fitness Update

Here we are almost ten months into the year and although progress has been made on this health journey of mine, I haven't nearly progressed as much as I would have liked by now.
Its true that I have lost weight not gained, but I really thought that my goal would have reached half way by now.

I wont give up though and that is what counts right ?
Isn't loosing weight slowly better in the long run ?

The challenge for August was to go meatless....

Yeah um I think I maybe managed this once or twice but this is just not an easy thing for me to achieve. With a house full of men to cook for and satisfy, I found myself still serving up a portion of meat onto my plate as well. My meal serves have halved so that is certainly a good thing, but technically l “failed" this challenge. I am not beating myself up about it. I just don't think that I am cut out to go full on vegetarian.

Septembers challenge was to find a workout buddy....

My workout buddy is usually music on my phone. I plug myself in and off I go. Other times I walk with my mum. As she was away for most of the month my workout was done alone or dare I say it not at all.

Very naughty I know

For October I am pledging to outdo myself and exercise as many days of the week as possible, even if it is just a walk.

The challenge for the month is to "savor your meals" and with the hot weather arriving, I am planning on serving up delicious salads that I know will demand to be savored.

Its time to stop putting things off and ramp it up a notch. I need to stop procrastinating and DO all of the things RIGHT NOW !

1 Oct 2017

TAKING STOCK - September 2017

Are you on the same roller coaster as me ? The one that seems to be hurtling towards the end of the year faster than you ever thought possible ? It's like I blinked and September vanished into thin air. It certainly is a reminder for us all to stop and take in the little things that surrounds us.

Pip  really was onto a good thing when she started Taking Stock each month to keep a diary of sorts for everything that she wanted to remember. So many of us have joined in with her, and I love taking a moment to stop and think of what went on in my life at the end of each month. So without any more rambling, here is my September.

Making  time to do some craft again. Its been a long time between projects and it feels good to be making stuff again.
Cooking  large amounts of fried rice. I cant seem to feed my family enough of it.
Drinking  Kombucha. Where on earth has this been all my life ? I know that I am slow to the party, but I cant get enough of this delicious beverage.
Reading  The Mummy Bloggers by Holly Wainwright. I had really high expectations for this book, but was kind of disappointed in it. I also read Spin Cycle by Ilsa Evans and really enjoyed this one. Seems it was the month of Aussie authors for me.
Wanting  time to slow down. How is October already ?
Looking  for new recipes that will cut down time in the kitchen over summer. I will be trying many  new salad recipes on my family and was wondering if you have any summer meals that you would like to share with me ?
Wishing  I could pack up and take my family on a holiday. One day it will happen. One day.....
Enjoying  life right now. Time spent with my family and just generally taking the time to stop and smell the roses. I've finally got it into my thick head that there is no point stressing over the small things.
Waiting  for rain. It is so dry here that our grass is brown and crunchy and water restrictions are tight. We are hoping that we actually get a long over due wet season this summer. Without the cyclones of course.
Liking  my new fan in our bedroom.
Wondering  how long its going to be before our pool is invaded by our sons friends and the house and yard is full of wet towels.
Loving  the colour green.
Listening  to Pinks new songs and Busby Marou.
Buying  new dresses to get me through the hot summer months that are on their way.
Watching  trash TV as always lol
Hoping  that the last few months of the year pass a little slower.
Needing  more time with my family.
Questioning  why everything in life has to cost so much money.
Smelling  all the pretty flowers that are in bloom. I really love spring time.

Wearing  cool dresses, and pyjamas on the school run still 
Noticing  that my family don't NOTICE all the work I do around the home for them.
Knowing  that it is only thirteen days until Pinks new album is released and I can not wait :)
Thinking  about the job interview I have on Tuesday and freaking out.
Admiring  people who know exactly who they are and are completely at ease with themselves.
Getting  ready to start painting the house.
Opening  birthday presents. I really was a lucky lady this year.
Closing  closing the door on forty two and welcoming in the year of being forty three.
Feeling  tired.
Dreaming  of going on a cruise some time in the future.
Hearing  the birds early in the morning. Such a lovely way to wake up.
Celebrating my birthday and the North QLD Cowboys making the NRL grand final. Come on boys you can do it .....
Pretending  that my boys are still little and we still have all the time in the world.
Embracing  this fabulous family that my husband and I have created together and knowing that without them my life would be totally incomplete.

How was your September ?
Did you celebrate any birthdays or anniversaries ?
Are just as baffled as me as to where this year has gone ?

beck xx

26 Sep 2017


With the baby of our family in his final weeks of school, I have found myself drifting off revisiting times gone by.  Big occasions in life will do that to you, make your mind wander and replay significant moments, cherished memories that make your heart and your family whole.

Its been twenty four years since I became a mum. Twenty four years of happiness, sadness, laughter and many mistakes made let me tell you. But you know what ? that's okay. Because without all the ups and downs we wouldn't be the family that we are today....

It started out here. High school sweet hearts.

Then we became a family...

Two years later, we were blessed with our second son. Making us a family of four...

Another two years passed and what do you know, another boy blue to join our crew...

On the day that son number three turned one, we found out some news 
that was rather unexpected, but gave us so much happiness.
We were going to be blessed with another bundle of joy...

Making us a family of six and our family was complete.

Our dynamic may be about to change and change is never easy. But with all these beautiful memories tucked under our belt, I know that we will be okay, and that no matter where life takes us we still have many years of memories left to make.

beck xx

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An End OF An Era

Pause Rewind Stop It’s only the second day of this brand new year and I’m already taking a step back in time. Back to November when ...