26 Jul 2016


The truth is out.
I am getting old.

Late nights never used to bother me, and I could get by on a few hours sleep. These days however it's a different story.

We have an easy going household. We welcome the boys friends with open arms. Our house is constantly filled to the brim most weekends. It means noise, lots of it and many a sleepless night, but in the end we as parents are at peace knowing that our kids are safe and not in harms way.

On Thursday night, Mr 18 had some mates over. You know the age ( I vaguely remember ) fire pit blazing, music pumping and beer, plenty of beer and a late night pizza delivery. They enjoyed themselves, immensely. Me, I couldn't wait for my head to hit the pillow and enter dreamland, but with all the noise and chaos it was impossible.

On Saturday night, it was Master 16's turn to turn our house into a party zone. A hand full of teens playing an "in depth" game of Dungeons and Dragons. It's serious business people. Loads of pizza, chips and sugar was needed to sustain such a drama filled event, only to be interrupted by a Pokemon hunt. Dear God WHY ??? I thought I was done with Pokemon years ago. I honestly do not see the attraction.

Is it just me who needs more sleep these days ?
Does anybody else require more sleep now that they have aged gotten older ?
I just want to scream sometimes for the boys to...



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19 Jul 2016

WE HAVE A KITCHEN (well almost)

If you saw someone doing cartwheels and heard loud whoops of joy across the land this past week,  it was most likely me !  FINALLY we have a full functioning (however still not quiet finished) kitchen for the first time since Easter. After almost four months of frustration things are finally, well almost normal around here, but not without drama of course.

For those who are not up to speed, our hot water flexi pipe in the kitchen burst, flooding our kitchen. At midnight, while hubby was away (of course) the night before the long weekend of Easter. Luckily one of my boys were still awake or we could have been in a whole lot more of a mess.
We spent the whole of Easter with giant, loud dehumidifiers, heaters and fans to dry everything out. Not my ideal way to spend a long weekend. Our flooring that was laid just a little over a year ago was water logged, the kitchen cabinets cracked and swelled which led to the granite bench tops giving way along the joins, and the dishwasher packed it in also. As I said, we were in a mess....

All I can say, is thank goodness for insurance. Well to a degree anyway.
Yes we only had to pay $100 excess and the rest of the $19,000 + was covered, but in what reality do the insurance companies and contractors think its acceptable to leave a busy family without a full functioning kitchen for almost four months ?

Communication between us and the contractors was little, and left us with many unanswered questions. I lost count of the amount of people who turned up to take photos and measurements all telling me that "work" would be starting soon. Soon came and went, no work was started but plenty more measuring was done.

You would think with all the measuring that they would get it right !

In what felt like a never ending saga, the work finally begun and I thought that all our issues were over. Oh how wrong I was....
You would think that with all the contractors (never the same one) that came to measure and photograph our damaged little kitchen, that every would be cut to fit without error. Sadly however this is not the case....
Our glass splash backs that were measured and remeasured countless times were cut too short in one place, and our flooring didn't "fit right" said the so called professional who has left the job unfinished because he couldn't work out why the last piece of wood wouldn't fit, and the plumber left leaks.

When something doesn't fit, lets just leave it unfinished !

After all the measuring, the glass was cut short :(

Is it just me ? Or is this unacceptable ? Should it just be fobbed off as an "insurance" job ?
All the money we spent and the hard work hubby put into the renovation in the first place only for this to happen is heartbreaking. I just cant bare to think of it. I just cant.

So just a reminder to everyone who has taps in their kitchens and bathrooms with flexi pipes. CHECK THEM REGULARLY people.
Apparently this is a common occurrence, they give way without notice and you are flooded. We had no idea about that this could happen until it happened to us. So be vigilant and keep check.

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6 Jul 2016


In a whirlwind moment 23 years ago, I held you in my arms for the very first time, those big eyes meeting mine forming an immediate bond like no other.
Motherhood was unplanned at the time, you certainly were a surprise package to both your Dad and I. One that changed our world, changed us in so many ways. You showed us a love we didn't know existed. Bound us together, a family for life, took us on a journey filled with so much love and joy.

I can't believe that I have been a mum for 23 years. So many times I have shed a tear at how fast time has passed, its been hard to accept that you are indeed a man now. It seems as though it was only yesterday when you said your first word, took your first step, began your very first day at school. So many firsts we shared with so many more to come.

Know that you are completely loved and cherished my boy. You are a shining light with a big personality, my first born.
I wish you nothing but happiness on this day and always.

I love you now and always
Mum xx

1 Jul 2016


Hello, Its me....

Its been five plus weeks since I blogged. Not only did life throw a few curve balls our way, I felt that I wasn't giving my all here. So a break although initially forced, became a blessing in disguise.

Things are starting to settle down again, so I thought I would pop on to wave hello to those of you who may have missed me, though most of you probably didn't even notice I was absent.

Today is July 1st. Can you even believe we are already in the seventh month ? Winter has finally hit North QLD and I'm loving it. We are nowhere near as cold as the southern states, but give me cold nights and crisp mornings and I am happy as a pig in mud. My dream is to move somewhere where we can experience all four seasons again. I really miss the ice cold Winters and the falling coloured leaves of Autumn.

Anyway, short and sweet is me here today. Fresh month, fresh start to blogging and hopefully a stop to worthless rambling posts that don't interest anybody {this post excluded}.


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