28 Feb 2014

A New Fur Baby

We have recently adopted.......

Last week we welcomed a brand new little girl to our family. She is darling and a perfect fit. She can be boisterous and sometimes quite shy. And she has a very sweet nature. We have all fallen head over heels in love with her, and she has been lapping up all the attention.

We named her name Mya, which when searching Google (gotta love Google) means "great ; Mother". 
Mya has settled in well and is getting along just fine with her new family. I think we picked rather well.

Mya is our brand new, fur baby !

We rescued Mya from our local pound, chose her to be a new family member and a friend for our other gorgeous pooch Shadow. 
They are a match made in heaven and so far have given us hours of laughter. Its like watching an episode of Wrestle Mania !

We are now a family of six humans, two fur babies and eight feathered friends, we do not intend to be adding anymore to this rather large family of ours, but you never know, as we have a lot of love to share !

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27 Feb 2014

Thankful Thursday-My First Attempt !

It's been a long time coming, and finally here I am. Joining in with the beautiful Rhianna for Thankful Thursday 

Today I am thankful that I have been blessed with an amazing husband that has been a wonderful support during my recent health issues. He has been there for me both emotionally and physically. Without him I don't know where I would be, he has been a tremendous help and I love him.
Hopefully tomorrow I will receive some good news from the Doctor and he can finally sort me out so that I am not such a burden on my family.

I am thankful for my four wonderful sons.
Each day I wake up feeling so blessed to be their mum. I am thankful that they are healthy and happy and that even though they are all totally different, I am thankful that they get on well (most of the time) it brings me so much joy to see them laughing and enjoying each others company.

I am thankful that we have a roof over our heads and food on our table each day. As a family we have so much to be thankful for. Love, respect, and each other.

I am thankful that Summer is almost over........
This Summer in North QLD has been long, and the end seemed so far away. I am always thankful for the sun, but I have felt the intense heat more than ever this season and will be very thankful for a cooler change.

And last but not least, this week I am thankful for everyone who takes the time to stop by Craftypjmum to say hi and read the babble that I publish.....
I am amazed and VERY thankful to those of you that continue to re-visit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

beck xx

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11 Feb 2014

Mind Your Manners

Are manners becoming a thing of the past ?

Good basic manners should never go out of style. They are a sign of respect and good old fashion etiquette. Saying please and thank you, and apologizing when you are in the wrong, are something that we should all adhere to.

Teaching teens good manners is an important part of teaching them how to get along in today's society. My opinion is, that teaching our kids manners is not something that we should just leave to our schools. It is our duty as parents, to make sure our children are taught both good manners and good behaviour.

It may seem funny to some, seeing the words 'teens and manners' in the same sentence, but never fear, everyone is capable of having and using good manners, and teens are no exception to the rule. It is a matter of principal and weather or not you want a relationship with your teen that is respectful both ways.

Teaching my sons good manners is something that I started at a very young age, and is something that I still teach remind them of on a daily basis. I think nothing of giving my boys a gentle nudge in the right direction when it comes to the use of manners. I don't care where we are at the time, out in public or in our own home. The lack of manners in my sons is not something that I tolerate.

Teaching teens manners is not rocket science. You can get them to use their manners the same way you would get them to do other things. Be clear with your expectations, be firm and fair. You need to set by example, other wise how do expect your teen to follow your required guidelines ? Rewarding the use of good manners is also as important as pointing out their use of bad ones. Nobody wants to be criticised all the time, we all at one time or another look for encouragement and praise.

Your teen needs to be reminded that they should treat others the same as they wish to be treated !
Teach your kids to be respectful, honest and courteous, no matter whose path they may cross. They will not always get the same respect in return, and this can be deflating and frustrating, but at least they can smile and be proud of themselves for showing respect and the practice of good manners.

A list of basic manners that I require of my teens, and believe should be taught to all are -

* Saying please, thank you and excuse me
* Apologising when in the wrong
* Do not interrupt when someone else is speaking
* Asking permission when they want something 
* Keeping hands to themselves
* Covering their mouths when coughing/nose when sneezing
* Using appropriate table manners -
   Chew with your mouth closed
   No elbows on the table
   Asking to leave the table when finished their meal

I am not naive. I live in the real world and know that my teens do not always mind their manners, they can easily be forgotten in the heat of the moment no matter who we are. 
I know my teens are far from perfect, they are normal, typical teens.....but I am proud to say that I have done my best to instill good manners in my four sons and hope that it is something that they will continue to use throughout their lives.

Do you think that manners are becoming a thing of the past ?
Do you think that manners should be left to the schools to instill in our children ?

I look forward to your feed back.

beck xx

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5 Feb 2014

Hidden Passion

Everyone has something in life that they are passionate about, that drives them, that defines who they are. That consumes their very soul.

Obviously my family are my number one passion, they are responsible for making me who I am, and continue to surround me in the riches of life. Those who know me, are well aware that my family is my whole being, they keep my heart beating, they consume my entire world and without them I would be an empty shell.

As much as we are all passionate about the obvious, deep down I am sure that there is more to all of us then meets the eye. A deep passion that we may keep to ourselves, hidden away from our everyday lives. A passion that when we are alone and behind closed doors helps fulfill our inner being.

My love of poetry is not something that I often share. It is a hidden passion that I keep just for me, It brings me comfort when I am down, it helps cheer me up, it makes me laugh. It can fill the deepest hole, and fill me with the deepest love and respect.

Poetry is my hidden passion
A passion I don't even think my family are aware of.
A passion that is part of me and makes me, me !

The very first poem I remember learning was T.S Eliot's 'The Old Gumbie Cat' I was in year six and we were to perform/recite this poem on our school assembly.
I thought it was magical, and parts of it has stuck with me right through to my adult life........

I have a Gumbie Cat in mind, her name 
is Jennyanydots;
Her coat is of the tabby kind, with tiger stripes and leopard spots.
All day she sits upon the stair or on the steps or on the mat;
She sits and sits and sits and sits-and that's what makes a Gumbie Cat.

This was my introduction to poetry and from that moment on my love for T.S Eliot poems has grown right along with me.

Poetry is reading between the lines, its personal, a connection. Its the joy of interpreting, a feeling, a deep passion within....

What it means to one could be entirely different to another. 

And that is the heart of a poem.

What is your hidden passion ?

beck xx

3 Feb 2014

40 Bags In 40 Days : Challenge

Now that school has returned, and 2014 looks to be a very busy year. It's time that I reacquaint myself with the dreaded routine that seems to fly out the window over Summer.

During the past week, our home has had a good old scrub, just like the teens the night before school resumed. But I'm feeling the need to do more. I am feeling cluttered and overwhelmed. My space does not feel like my own at the moment, and it is driving me crazy enough said

Decluttering is something that I am not afraid of, and is something that I do on a regular basis. I hate having things around that no longer have a use or that I have fallen out of love with. I am sure that I have given Hubby more than one mild heart attack over the years as he is what I like to call a Hoarder ! He denies this of course and watches over his shed like a scarecrow watches over a field corn.........

So the other day while I was playing around on Pinterest. {Okay we have discussed my obsession with this before, and I'm sorry but I just cant control this habit} I came across a pin that is well, a declutter challenge.....40 BAGS IN 40 DAYS ! Right away I decided that this was for me. I immediately pinned the challenge and I cant wait to begin.

I have tweaked the challenge a bit to fit my home and family, but all in all it is still very similar to the original.

So here is my 'tweaked' challenge. I will update you as I go, and maybe you would like to join in too. Don't be afraid, you would be surprised at how much stuff you actually do have shoved at the back of your wardrobe, and what really is in your junk draw ? Under the kids beds ? and what lies beneath that couch ?


1.  Laundry cupboards and draws                          
2.  Utensil draw in kitchen                                    
3.  Junk draw in kitchen                                        
4.  Pantry                                                          
5.  Pantry                                                            
6.  Under the kitchen sink
7.  Refrigerater/s
8.  microwave cupboard
9.  Office desk
10. Magazine holders
11. Main bedroom closet
12. Two older kids closets
13. Two youngest kids closets
14. Bedroom draws
15. Family room cabinet
16. Kids junk box in family room
17. CD towers
18. TV unit
19. Loungeroom baskets
20. Makeup draw
21. Jewelry box
22. Main bathroom
23. 2nd bathroom
24. Shoes
25. Linen cupboard
26. Craft boxes
27. Kitchen cupboards
28. Cookbooks
29. Garage
30. Garage
31. Car
32. Shoes in garage
33. Under main bed
34. Under kids beds
35. Back patio
36. Bookcase
37. Blogging / computer bag
38. Freezer
39. Gardens
40. {Bar} cupboard in pantry

I am seriously going to give this challenge a go, start the New Year off in a fresh way before the painting of the house begins : )

Let me know if you decide to join in, and how you go.

Beck xx



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