18 Jun 2013

Finding Balance

Problems arise in that one has to find a balance
between what people need from you
and what you need for yourself

Being a Libra, my star sign is the scale, which signifies balance. Lately there has not been a lot of balance in my universe, and I was beginning to think that I was loosing my mind. I'm not of course I hope, it is just my mind playing tricks on me.

On a recent blog post, a dear friend asked me if I put to much pressure on myself ?
I guess the answer to that question could very well be yes.....

I am my own worst enemy. When things go wrong it is me that I blame, I always manage to find someway to take full responsibility even when I know deep down that sometimes it is others at fault. It is second nature to me and although it frustrates my family, I have found it hard to change my ways.
Recent events have forced me to re-evaluate myself. To dig deep inside and try to figure out why I am once again only seeing faults in myself.

I have decided that I need to find some sort of balance in my life. With balance, I am hoping to free myself, to figure out how to pull myself together and live a happy fulfilling life once again. It is not only for me that this is important, but also my family. I am being very unfair to them, and I am the only one who can turn this around.

I need to get a handle on the various elements in my life
so that I don't feel like I am being pulled in so many directions

The big question is...What does Life Balance really mean ?
How do I go about achieving it in the midst of my craziness ?

I need to find steps to take that will change what isn't working in my life. I need to better equip myself so that I can once again find some balance and take back some control. I need to take baby steps, and not change everything at once but take my time to adjust and determine what will work for me.

  • I need to acknowledge my state of mind and how I am feeling. 
  • I need to be honest with myself and others about my feelings and take notice of the areas in my life that I am neglecting.
  • I need to set goals for myself to achieve, take baby steps and not be afraid to move forward.
  • I need to acknowledge my past accomplishments and take from them the positive and not dwell on the negative.
  • I need to get a grip on my fears, doubts, anxieties, worries and negative self talk and find a way to channel the positive.

Basically to find balance, I need to change the way that I look at things and aim to find the positive in the small everyday parts of life. I need to stop over thinking and pay attention to what is really going on, I have to stop looking for what is not there !!

I am going to do my best to reconnect with myself and more importantly my family, after all they need me at my best. I need to be strong so that I can be there for them without doubt.

When it all boils down to it, I need to Remember fun - I need to Laugh, joke, play. 
I need to find my sense of humor as there is no greater medicine then a good old fashioned belly laugh.........


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