31 Oct 2015

TAKING STOCK - October 2015

How is October over already ?
I know I was busy, but come on....

I have started trying to wrap my head around the fact that before we know it Christmas will be upon us. Scary isn't it. I swear the older I get the years fly by quicker and quicker. Slow down already.

Octobers end marks the beginning of the busiest time of year. From now until the New Year its go go go. Graduations, exams, Christmas parties, Christmas etc etc. Before we know it we will be ringing in another New Year and the circus of life will start all over again.

This month I have been....

Making : A list of crafts that I hope to achieve by Christmas
Cooking : My first batch of biscotti and failing
Drinking : Chai tea for the very first time and now I cant get enough
Reading : Little Girl Gone by Alexandra Burt
Wanting : More free time to get y craft on
Looking : For an outfit to wear to my sons Grade 12 graduation
Playing : The heck out of Adele's new song Hello
Deciding : On my menu for Christmas
Wishing : I didn't have to watch another son graduate so soon
Enjoying : Pottering in my garden
Waiting : To see if we will get a good wet season this year
Liking : The fact that my creative side is making a come back
Wondering : What new and exciting recipes I can try on my family
Loving : My new salt lamp
Pondering : What the New Year will bring our family
Considering : A return to the work force
Buying : Christmas presents AGAIN
Watching : My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Chicago Fire and PD
Hoping : I can get some sleep soon before I crash and burn
Cringing : At Australia's politicians
Needing : The days to slow down a little
Questioning : Myself over and over again
Smelling : The salt of the ocean on my walks
Wearing : Dresses and skirts for the first time in a long time
Following Stalking  quite a few new blogs (to me)
Noticing : My poor old cat is starting to show her age
Knowing : That my graduating son will be okay, but worrying as a mum does anyway
Thinking : About my next project
Admiring : How some people just seem to get it !
Sorting : Out the wardrobes in our home
Getting : More paint charts in the hope I will finally decide on a colour
Coveting : Brassy Apples hairstyle
Disliking : That we only have two pay days left until Christmas
Opening : Bills
Giggling : At how my children interact with each other at the dinner table
Feeling : Overwhelmed
Snaking : On everything that I shouldn't be
Wishing : I was on the right road to weight loss
Helping : The Salvation Army with their Christmas drive for the fourth year running
Hearing : The constant meow of my kitten wanting to be fed every five minutes

Here is too November lovelies, may it be good to you all and may it go a little a slower PLEASE

Happy Halloween 

beck xx

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