16 Oct 2015


Its been eight weeks since we abandoned left our teens at home and hit the road, just the two of us, for an adventure that we will remember for a life time.

It may sound selfish, heck yeah it was.
But after twenty two years of parenting and devoting our whole beings to our four fabulous sons, we are entitled to take three weeks off and just be a couple....

Aren't we ?

We drove all the way from Mackay to Melbourrne.

Yes my mind still boggles that we drove that far, but it was fabulous. Four days of exploring Outback Queensland and Rural New South Wales. It was a road trip of great proportions, taking in sights and experiences that we have not had not experienced before.
In the end we were ever so glad that we decided against flying, for our road trip was full of highlights and memories that will last a life time.

We even got out of our car and chased down the wild Emus, they are flighty things. We laughed and laughed letting loose and forgetting ourselves and where we were, I haven't felt so good in so long. We must have looked a funny sight to the travelers zooming past us in their cars.

We stopped for our first night in Roma, a sweet little town in Outback Queensland. It was time for a snooze before we hit the road to Melbourne again.

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beck xx

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