11 Oct 2015


We are one week into the last term of the school year for 2015, and already the end of year chaos has begun.
You know how it goes. Exams, report cards, awards nights, performances etc etc. The usual common chaos that the end of year brings. It also includes mountains and mountains of crap wonderful work being brought home, class parties that always require plates of crap healthy food to be shared, last minute friend and teacher gifts, oh and did I mention the crap that gets brought home by the bag full ?

Its been a BIG year for these two....

The end of this year is  huge for us. It includes interviews with the Principle and year coordinator as our baby youngest son heads into senior school next year. Yep, that's right, our youngest is heading into his final two years of school, How did that happen ? Just yesterday he began Prep, didn't he ?

We are also celebrating another huge milestone in our family as our third son graduates grade twelve. That's right, we have now managed not without drama to get three out of four sons to grade twelve graduation.

Phew...We are nearly there ;)

Even as I am typing tears prick my eyes threatening to fall. I was told, after I hysterically blubbered daintily wept at my oldest sons graduation that it gets easier as each child reaches this big moment in their life....

Let me tell you, it doesn't.

I have found as each of my sons reaches the ultimate goal, I become more hysterical saddened by the process as I realise my boys are no longer my little men but actual grown ups, ready to make their own decisions. It scares me a little bit more each day as I learn that I must let go and send them out into the big wide world to explore. It is the hardest part of being a mother, give me sleepless nights and tantrums any day.

But you know.....
I wouldn't change a single thing.

beck xx

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