28 Oct 2015


I love me some good ole DIY/craft, but lately it's been on the back burner. Such is a busy life.
Ideas can be hard to come up with sometimes, but with the interwebs at your fingertips ideas can be just the click of a mouse away.

I am quite obsessed  partial to Pinterest. That sight can make me drool with envy at all the pretty crafts that pop up on my feed. Instagram is also an addictive fabulous source of ideas.

This idea however came from stalking the blog and of course the Instagram account of the fabulous Baby Mac ....
A pretty yet simple  DIY Felt Ball Trivet 


* A wood board for the base
   I used a round wooden place mat from the craft section in Spotlight
* Felt balls in your choice of colour
* A hot glue gun

Making sure not to glue your fingers together like me and starting in the center of the board, glue the felt balls one at a time in your chosen colours until the whole board is covered.

That's it.
Easy peasy.

And what you end up with is a gorgeous trivet that looks fabulous under a beautiful vase of flowers.

beck xx

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