22 Oct 2015


I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday.
Wishful thinking at its worst.
Iv'e had a busy week this week, not necessarily doing things I had planned, but things that had to be done. I had all intentions of setting up a new work table for my art/craft so that I had somewhere to work and keep all my bits and pieces together. My aim is to start painting again, years after I put that skill to bed, I have had the urge to take it back up again. Lets hope I still have some sort of talent left.

This week...

I read the fantastic debut novel The Lost Swimmer by Ann Turner. What a page turner. I wont give the plot away, because those of you who, like me love a good book and have not read it yet had better get your hands on a copy pronto !

Another thing that I am really enjoying this week is how my garden is coming along. Planted only a mere six months ago, the plants are thriving and the geraniums are going gang busters with their blooms.

On Tuesday, after enrolling my fifteen year old into senior high school for 2016, I have had this deep sense of nostalgia for times gone by when my babies were young. Having my youngest child begin this last stage of his schooling before heading out into the world to follow his dreams has made me realise that it wont be too long before all my babies are grown and gone. What then ?

There is always so much to think about....
There is always things that are changing....

beck xx

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