26 Oct 2015


I was feeling rather sluggish on the weekend, in fact the whole family was. It was hot, humid and just blah. I sat in the air conditioning watching movies and getting my craft on, and thinking about my Christmas theme for this year. Yes people it is time to start thinking Christmas if you haven't already.

It was too hot to think food let alone worry about trying new things.

So today I am calling it, Monday Munchies Lazy Edition is coming at you. Four previous recipes that had a lot of hits when I first posted them.

Monday Munchies will be back next week with another fresh new idea, but until then I hope you enjoy re-reading there old favourites.

Croissant Berry Bake
Simple Passion Fruit Slice
Lemon Tart
Chocolate Chip Coconut Loaf

Grab a cuppa and a slice of one of these. I have been dreaming of cake naughty beck


beck xx

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