23 Oct 2015


We spent four days on the road to Melbourne. Four wonderful days full of beautiful country side views, fabulous food and great long over due conversation. We made sure we spent time stopping to soak up the sights, camera always in hand ready to capture the wonder of our trip.
It goes without saying that just like most men, hubby loves cars. The older the better. So when we hit the outskirts of Parks in New South Wales, he was in his element when we came across a paddock full of old time wonders.

Seen the Aussie movie The Dish ? We stopped and took in the sights of the actual dish in Parks that was the star of that movie. Hubby had visited back in the olden days here on a school excursion before the movie was even made old timer this however was my first sighting of the dish. I must say it is a magnificent sight to behold.

We stayed at some gorgeous places on our way down, my favourite being this little cottage at Dubbo. It was old world and just so damn cute. The weather was a little chilly, but anywhere in Winter would be compared to North Queensland. I lapped it up, every single minute.

We were having the trip of a life time, and even more adventure lay ahead. Sunrises, sunsets, romantic dinners. Three weeks with nothing but time on our hands and open roads to take us wherever we wanted go.....

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beck xx


  1. What fab photos and sounds like a great trip. I can't wait to do some roadtrips to visit sights like these when my kids are older and will remember what they see. How cool you got to see The Dish!!

    1. The trip was amazing. I hope one day to do it all again x



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