21 Oct 2015


Re-hydrated pizzas, self lacing shoes and self drying jackets. Today these are suppose to be part of our lifestyle. Anyone had the pleasure of trying these babies out yet ?

Today marks an epic date for all of us Back To The Future fans who back in 1985 watched Marty McFly and Doc take off in their time machine to let loose on the future....

21.10.2015 it seemed SO far away back then. I for one didn't think it would arrive so soon, but here we are.

Another date in my future is also looming its ugly head.
Yesterday we had the 'interview' to enrol our youngest son into senior high school, it was then that the years 2017 and 2018 were made apart of my vocabulary.

Why, you ask....

2017 is the year that we will watch our youngest son graduate grade twelve, after many long years being the parents of school children, it will all be over. Just like that we will become the parents of grown ups. What in the world will I do then ?

Not only will all my babies be grown ups, but if all goes according to my sons senior school set plan, 2018 will be the year that he heads off to the big smoke (Brisbane) to follow his dream of becoming a Forensic Scientist.

It is too much for this mumma to handle right now.
I know I am not ready for all of this.
And just like Doc and Marty did all those years ago, I want to climb into a time machine and go Back To The Future...

Who wants to join me ?

beck xx

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