7 Jan 2013

An Owl Obsession

Is anyone else a collector ?
Do you have a particular item that makes you happy to have around ?

I am a collector of Owls. Now don't get me wrong, I am not completely obsessed however my boys beg to differ yes I have ornaments, a cushion and a couple of coffee mugs, but they are not placed all over the house in an uncontrollable, obsessive amount. In fact the few that I have is just the right amount to make me happy....

My collection
Anyway, apparently Mr Crafty thinks that every Owl or Owl item, is up for the taking and that I just have to have it, that I need it and can't live without it ..... Completely not true. I love Owls there is no doubting that, but I really have to love them for them to join "our family" and of course they have to fit in with some kind of decorating theme. I do not want to be known as the "crazy owl lady"

The other day while I was happily stocking on up on craft items in Spotlight, Mr Crafty was over in Bunnings pricing more crap building materials to finish off our renovations. I of course took longer than he returning to the car. After unloading my purchases into the boot, I attempted to take my seat.... and I mean attempt !!!

What the ??
There IT was, in all it's horrifying glory, sitting on my seat and staring up at me was this .........

What the hay ???
Are you kidding me ???
It looks like something out of a horror movie !!!

Grinning at me from the drivers seat was Mr Crafty, so happy and proud of his purchased gift for me, I however couldn't stop laughing and asking what the heck he was thinking. Really you didn't have too, seriously you didn't. Lucky for me it is an outdoor ornament (apparently to scare off any unwanted creatures from your garden)

Yeah ya don't say .... LOL

Outside where he belongs 
So here is where he ended up, perched outside protecting my miniature lemon tree. Hopefully this means we will be getting lots of produce now :)
He is still a part of the family lucky me but is somewhere, where I only get to see him every so often.


Thank you Mr Crafty for thinking of me, it was honestly really sweet and scary.
I love you for it, but please no more Owl shopping for you xx

"No owl was injured during the writing of this blog post "......

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  1. Oh yes, I have The Simpsons stuff from when I was avid fan. Also a huge fan of Jim Henson, so I have some Muppet stuff also. I used to display my collection of vintage Mad magazines, but don't have the room anymore. Lol, my stuff is campy but very fun. I haven't collected any more of this stuff in years, but I do enjoy my collections.



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