25 Jan 2013

A Walk Down The 80's Lane

Flashback Friday

I am SO there ......
Cathy caught my attention with this fabulous idea via Instagram, and immediately my mind started ticking over.
I have so many weird and wonderful pictures and memories that I could share, the only issue is ....

Where to start ?

Would you believe that the perfect photo landed right into my lap, just last week (how appropriate is that) my mother gave me a whole bunch of old photos, and this one taken on my 11th birthday is the one that I decided to share first .......

Are you ready ? Lets have a laugh then :)

Can you believe that outfit ? and that hair ? OH MY !! It's funny looking back at photos from this time of my childhood. The clothes, the shaggy hair, those big earrings they were big for an eleven year old WAY back then all worn to copy my "idol" at the time "Molly Jones" the much loved character from the Aussie series "A Country Practice" lame hey I am showing my age now

Isn't it funny how we can become so attached to someone/something that it becomes a large part of our world.......not only did I try to copy her 80's "style" but I had posters on my wall from one end  to the other !!
Of course that was before I discovered movie stars and boy bands, but that is a whole other post for the future......

Linking up with the fabulous Cathy for Flashback Friday


  1. Those earrings take me back! I had so many pairs of brightly coloured plastic numbers - I got my ears pierced when I was 10, so just in time for this sort of high fashion. Yes, very much a Molly Jones look. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Oh that is sooo cute, Molly was the best! I love your earrings, I wasn't allowed mine pierced until high school - boo! And are you wearing a swatch watch or something similar?! Emily

  3. I thought I replied to this from phone - everything's disappearing today! Thank you so much for linking up. You look so cute! I remember the oversized earrings (oversized everything really lol). I'm also old enough to remember Molly :) and of course her tragic death :(

  4. We must be if similar age...have photos with shaggy hair and big earrings....only worse!

  5. Love a good flashback photograph!

    Must start digging through mine!

    Thanks for sharing your link with We Heart Life xx

    Carly [Creator of We Heart Life]

  6. Love the photo Bec, What a cutie Xx Oh how life was sooo much simpler back then. I always get sad when I think of how quick time flashes before our eyes these days.. Would have loved to have-had you as my bestie from way back then Xx



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