11 Jan 2013

It's Almost GO Time

It's a wonderful feeling to sit back and do nothing but listen to the happy banter of your children. Happiness amongst siblings does not always come easy, so when the mood strikes my boys to "get along", laugh and just generally enjoy each others company, it sends tingles of happiness up my spine and at that moment all seems right with the world....

Thankfully these school holidays have been quite enjoyable, yes the boys have had their moments they wouldn't be "normal" if they didn't but all in all its been quite a peaceful and entertaining break.

So far this Summer we have been lucky enough to spend quite a fair bit of time together, and it's been a wonderful happy time.
Fishing, swimming and just general family time, have given us lots of laughs and memories to look back on. It has been special and uplifting.

"Sigh" I am actually dreading the return to school.

I love being organised. I love my "to do" lists and I like to feel "in control" with what is happening around me, but as the boys grow older, I have come to realise that spending precious time with them is much more important. The house is clean (I can NOT stand filth) but I have come to understand that bits and pieces laying around and a few dirty dishes on the sink will NOT end the world......
 Unfortunately, with the return to school almost upon us, and all the activities that come along with it, it means that we are about to loose our lazy morning starts to our days, and our casual dinner times that seem to come so free and easy when the boys are home. It's almost time for us to be on the move again.

It's almost GO time.

It is almost time to break open a new diary, my "to do" list is about to make its come back, the lazy days of Summer school holidays are almost over and I am beginning to hear the house sigh and call out for me to bring some organisation back within its walls.                
The cushions are tired of living on the floor, and the fridge just wants to be closed for more than a few minutes at a time. The PS3 is over heated I'm sure, and the togs and beach towels would like to know the feeling of being dry again.

It's time for reality to set in and get back into some sort of routine, gather our bits and pieces and return to normal, after all a tidy, functional home is the basis of a calm organised family, and that is just the way I like it.

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