27 Jan 2013

Things That Made Me Smile - WK4

It's been a hectic week here in Crafty land, one full of heart wrenching emotion that has well and truly kept me on my toes. As some of you may have read on my twitter feed, my wonderful step Dad had open heart surgery on Tuesday and I moved heaven and earth to make sure that I was able to be by his side. This meant preparing and leaving my family (except Mr 13) here at home while I made the long journey North to be by my Mum's side to support her on this journey as well.
It may have been a week full of uncertainty and mixed emotions, but it did however bring with it many reasons to smile.

This week helped to show me that no matter what life dishes out, no matter what your path is destined to be. If you stop, breathe and take the time to reflect, there is always at least one thing that would have made you smile that is worth holding on to, no matter how big or small that thing was, weather it was something you read, or a tender hug from someone you love it is always worth holding onto, remembering and tucking away with all the other smiles that you have collected along your life's path.

The things that made me smile this week that I am truly grateful for are :

  • Safely arriving at my destination in one piece without getting lost ... WOOHOO ...
  • Being by my Mums side when the Doctor told us Dads surgery was a success
  • The comforting hugs from my son when I broke down with relief. He was my rock
  • An evening swim with my boy to give him some form of fun after 10 hours in the hospital waiting room. He was such a patient little boy.
  • The sight of my home town on our return.
  • Getting my nails done (a rare treat)
  • A date night with Mr Crafty, good food and conversation.
  • A long weekend before the hectic return of school
I hope that all my friends have had many reasons to smile this week, that life has been good to each and every one of you, and that this brand new week ahead of us is going to make our bellies hurt with laughter.

Oh and one more thing !
I just received a call from my Mum saying that Dad may be released from hospital tomorrow :) a massive reason to smile .......
My wonderful Dad x

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