6 Jan 2013

Things That Made Me Smile - WK1

Here at Craftypjmum, I have decided to challenge myself and write a weekly blog post that will be published each and every Sunday for the year 2013...

Since I am determined to put the last crappy year behind me and focus on having a fabulous 2013, I decided that a weekly blog post reflecting on the things that made me smile, that I was thankful for, or just made me happy and laugh out loud over the course of each week would help me focus on the good and not dwell in the down moments, giving me something to reflect on throughout the year, and help me realise that the good does out weigh the unfortunate.
No matter how big or small the reason for smiling is all that counts......

So here is the first "Things That Made Me Smile" post for 2013.....

  • A kiss at midnight to bring in the New Year 
  • A glass of wine and a soak in a bubble bath
  • A high five from my son when I was the only one who caught a fish (see mums really do rock)
  • The sun on my skin
  • A family night playing board games
  • Purchasing my plane ticket to Sydney for DPCON in March
  • A quiet conversation and alone time with Mr Crafty 
  • The possibility of buying a new home

No matter how simple these things may seems, every single one of them bought a smile to my face.

I would love for you to join me and leave a comment about what made you smile this week.......

Hope everyone has had a brilliant week, and has at least had one thing happen to make them smile.

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