1 Jan 2018

Farewell 2017 Hello 2018

Are you like me and happy to start fresh with a brand new year ?
Are you ready to bid a fond farewell to 2017, and make 2018 your best year yet ?


Last year started off pretty well with not much to complain about. Generally  2017 continued to be a pretty awesome year. As a family we were living well, loving fiercely and pretty happy with how our year was progressing. And for the most part our family was doing A OKAY.

That was until October when our lives took a disastrous turn. A trauma that rocked us to our very core .....
(But more about that at a later date when I feel ready to share)

This year I’m not making any “resolutions”, I’m just going to follow the path that life decides to lead me. Hopefully it takes me along a path of happiness, wellness and adventure, but who really knows what lies ahead ? These past few months have shown me that nobody ever knows where life will lead them, that in the blink of eye everything can change, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.
So with that in mind I’m going to make sure that I enjoy the little things that life has to offer, I’m going to take that walk and make time in my day to visit my favourite beach. To spend more quality time with my family, but also take the time to enjoy solitude, to centre my being and find an inner peace that will hopefully stop me getting so frazzled over the little things. Because after all there is nothing at all wrong with improving ourselves and the way we live this life we are gifted.

Are you making any New Year resolutions ?
Or are you just going to go with the flow this year ?
Whatever you have decided to do, I hope that 2018 is kind to you and yours, and brings nothing but love and happiness your way.

beck xx

Linking up this first post of 2018 with Denyse for #LifeThisWeek

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