2 Jan 2018

An End OF An Era

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It’s only the second day of this brand new year and I’m already taking a step back in time. Back to November when unfortunate circumstances made me miss one of the most important days of my youngest sons life.

On November 17th 2017 my baby boy graduated grade twelve, the last of our boys to do so.

I should have been there, I should have been standing with the other parents sharing this momentous occasion. My son deserved my presence, he should have been able to see me in the crowd knowing that I was supporting him and sending him all my love. He deserved to be able to look in my eyes and see just how proud I am of him. We should have been able to share this time in his life together, but some random man on a country road took this away from us. He stole this precious moment, one we can never get back.

In the weeks leading up to his graduation, I would often stop to take a moment and think back over the years and how fast this day had approached. Sometimes it left me shaking from the sheer power of what this day would mean.....

There are no more school days for our family. There would be no more morning rush doing the school run in my pj’s, no more lunch boxes to pack and no more mid morning calls asking me to bring them forgotten homework.
This was the day that my job as a school mum came to an end. My baby Ben is all grown up now, he has left school behind him and is about to enter the next stage of his life while I will be left behind watching from the sidelines praying that he will still call me and say....

“ I need you mum”

You bring so much joy to our family. From the second you were born you completed us.
Your smile brightens every room, your laughter contagious.
I am ever so proud of the young man you have become, the future is yours, go out and make your mark on the world.
I am so very sorry that I missed your graduation, it’s something that I will regret for the rest of my days. Please know that not once on that day did you leave my thoughts or my heart. You mean the absolute world to me, you make everyday worth living.
As you head off to university next month, know that no matter how far apart we are you can always count on me to be there for you. I’m just a phone call away.
I will always love you my possum. Good luck on your next adventure.

beck xx

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