29 Jan 2013

First Day ... Smiles and Tears

I tried to be big and brave this morning, and I managed to keep the tears at bay until I watched you walk through the school gate with your big brother. That's when the river flowed......

I am going to try my hardest to keep busy today, to stop myself from watching the clock tick by.
It's a big day for you, your first day of High School. A big new adventure, a time to shine.
For me it's a hard but rewarding day, it's a day that I wish did not come so soon, but a day when I am also full of pride in what you have accomplished so far.

You are the baby of our family, loved and adored by us all (even your brothers though they may not admit it) and for that reason I guess I am a little more protective. I know that realistically you will be fine today, you are strong, adventuress and you also have a big brother at the same school to turn to if you are in need....
I still cant help worrying, you are my sunshine, my joy, and watching you grow up into this charming young man so far has been a pure delight. I am by far the luckiest mum on earth.

Watching you pack your bag, and lacing your shoes reminded me of the first day you began kinder and how you needed my help with these simple tasks. My how you have grown. So independent and sure of yourself.......
It made me smile, it made me sad.
I know that you still need me, but things are changing fast.
Its hard for me to accept, but I will in time.
Ready to go

Enjoy your day little one
Whoops !! am I still allowed to call you that ?
Maybe not out loud I guess, but in my heart no matter how big you get you will always be my "little one".
I look forward to this afternoon to hear all about your new experience, what you got up to and what new friends you have made.
Go fourth with strength and smiles and tackle these next few years with the same determination that you have always shown. I have complete faith in you my little cub, enjoy and be happy.

You are my special angel xxx

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