14 Dec 2012

The Gate Has Now Closed...

It's been a long day, it's been a long week. No lets make that a long month. I never thought we would make it, I never thought that the end would come. But here we are at the end of this journey, a journey that we have been on for a very long time.

11 years....
Wow, when you actually stop and think about it, it's quite a long time, but that is how long our family has attended our current primary school.

It's here ....
A day that I can honestly say snuck up on me all to quickly. The day that my youngest graduates and leaves behind his primary years, and heads off to high school in the New Year.

For our family, it is time to stand beside him and watch as he spends his final moments with his class mates and teachers, and for us as a whole to bid farewell to a school that has been such a huge part of our lives.
The entire journey has been a wonderful experience, and though leading up to this day has been tough emotionally, it is with great pride and smiles that we walked through the gate for the final time this morning, ready, but with definite sadness. It's time to say goodbye to some of the most wonderful times and people that we have ever had in our lives. Times that have provided us with so many memories that we will cherish forever. People that will never be forgotten.

The final goodbyes have been hard to make. The same office staff that enrolled my babies are still there, and so many of their past teachers in junior school also. To see them this morning at our final "talent" show, to hear many of  them  say that my family has been a wonderful part of their school community, and that we will be missed brings with it both joy, pride and sadness.

Joy....because my sons have left behind them a wonderful name for themselves, and for that they should be proud.
Pride....because my sons will be remembered as stand out students that always did their best, and contributed in many ways to the school over the years. They have truly grown into wonderful young men that have such fantastic futures before them.
Sad....because it is over, and the time has come when we must say goodbye and move on.

As I sat this afternoon for the last time waiting for the bell to ring, I couldn't help but look around and think back to all the wonderful moments that we have been involved in, it's certainly been a jam packed 11 years and a time that we will reflect back on for many years to come, for that I am sure.

When the bell finally chimed, a smile came to my lips as I realised that we had made it, we have finally seen all four sons successfully complete primary. And as the students poured from their classrooms, the tears started to fall as they bid their fellow classmates farewell, and realised that part one of their journey is complete, and the next stage about to begin seeing them become yet again the "small fish in a big pond" I hope that they are all able to look back on this time with much fondness.

As my son finally made his way to me, his tear filled eyes started me off I am a big sook I had done so well up until now, but seeing his tear stained face and little red eyes were more then I could handle, and as he held on to me we both cried, with happiness, sadness and I am sure with some relief.

The final walk out of the school was a magical moment, we walked hand in hand tears still falling and as we approached the gate I whispered to him "are you ready"? he just looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes and said "This is the last time I will walk through this gate as a student" I squeezed his hand and said "lets go" and as we walked through that gate for the final time we raised our hands in victory......

Farewell Primary and thank you for such wonderful memories.

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  1. Oh, what a beautiful post! Primary school is such a big part of a kid's life, isn't it? So many wonderful memories. So sweet you enjoyed this precious moment together.

  2. So beautiful Beck! Such an amazing memory for you both. Best of luck for the next chapter. -Happylan

  3. Such a big milestone! And a great exit, with a whole new adventure waiting.

  4. Beautiful post Beck, such a huge moment for you all. I can see why it would be so emotional.

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