29 Dec 2012

Are You Ready For A " Blogtastic" 2013 ?

Has it only been a week ???
It seems as though it has been much longer since I switched on little pink my laptop, and wrote down the frivolous thoughts in my mind.
I've missed it I must say, but there are certain times in life that other things must take precedence over a mothers ramblings......Don't you agree ?

I am back !!
After a fabulous Christmas with family and friends, to much pudding, far to much drink
and a few days R&R. It's time to gather my thoughts and return to the "blogging world" and get ready for a "blogtastic" 2013.

I don't know about you, but I am SO ready to turn my back on 2012. I have honestly had enough of what this year has thrown at my family and I am determined to get my "mojo" back and push my way through the final days, and say farewell to a year that saw many difficult challenges come our way....

2013 is a new beginning, a fresh year, and I am going to throw myself at it with "gusto" and make it a year that I will never forget......

Look out 2013, Crafty is going to make the best of you, I can promise you that !!!

Can you believe it's been six months ???
Six months since Craftypjmum became more than just a nagging little dream, six months since my #BBFF best blogging friend forever Jules gave me a swift kick in the butt, loads and loads of encouragement and an unbelievable amount of help, to make this dream a reality, and for that I will be eternally grateful.
The support so far has been amazing, such beautiful comments left on my posts have given me the confidence to continue writing and blabbering on in my own "crafty world" and though I may never be a "blogging queen" with hundreds of followers, I am most certainly very content with where I am, it's been a giant leap of faith for me, and one that I am excited to explore and gain more knowledge if my mushy brain will allow

2013 is going to bring with it some exciting personal and blogging challenges that I am setting for myself. My goal is to share with you, each and every step of my  personal journey, and to continue writing about my hectic life of raising/living/clawing my way through each day with my teenage sons.....
I hope that those of you who have joined me so far, continue on this ride along side me, and if you are new to my small part of the blogging world, welcome, and please take the time to say hi ......

Lets get ready to rock 2013 together like no year has ever been rocked before !!!
Are you ready ???
Are you up for the challenge ???

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  1. YAY!!! I'm with YOU.. Let's ROCK it together : )



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