18 Dec 2012

My Christmas Wish List 2012

TAG your it !!

Thanks Mrs Bumpy :) and also thanks to Jess of essentiallyjess.com the lovely lady who apparently started this whole game of Christmas tag sometime in the last few weeks. I must have been living under a rock, because before I got tagged I had NO idea that it was in motion.....nothing unusual I guess, I am often in my own world, off with the fairies or at this time of year I guess that I am off with the elves  :)

So even though I was tagged roughly a week ago sorry it has taken me this long to post  I finally have the time to sit and think for a moment about what it is that I truly want.
I mean if its no expense spared, the world is my oyster .... right ?

So let the wishing begin .....

My first wish didn't need much thought actually. My most treasured wish would be to have Mr Crafty home more....(his new job of the last 2 yrs has not exactly delivered its promise)

Wish number 2 ... A holiday for two, to some isolated paradise (we are in desperate need of alone time, and a little romance couldn't hurt)

Wish numbers 3 and 4 are selfishly just for moi !! Botox :) and a gorgeous necklace form the fabulous Uberkate.   *sigh...keep dreaming old girl*

And my last wish is simply for my family to be happy, for them to be safe, content and to live in peace. For them to be able to follow their dreams and to never forget that in life each and every one of them is special and important, and that they are perfect to me just as they are in every single way......

Merry Christmas from Crafty and Crew....

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