4 Dec 2012

Sending Out Hugs And Encouragement

Today I am falling apart. My eyes are burning and my body aching. I have been so busy taking care of everyone else and their needs, not to mention all that comes with running a busy household, especially at this time of year. That I think I have forgotten to stop, breathe, sleep and look after the one person who takes care of everything around here.

 The slave ME !!

In the past few weeks things around here have been non stop. Things have really been happening at an ongoing fast pace. I have been run off my feet with extra days added to my volunteer roster at my sons school, attending many school functions such as graduations, concerts and award ceremonies. Struggling to get through Schoolies week (what an emotional week that was) Trying to organise everything that comes with a big family Christmas and our traditions (crafting, baking, shopping, wrapping, hiding) celebrating birthdays, welcoming an extra addition to our home, and still there seems to be no end in sight yet !
Still to come is another graduation, a couple of Christmas parties, a volunteers thank you luncheon, another school concert, more shopping, cleaning, cooking and preparing the house for an extra five family members over the Christmas period, and of course tomorrow is the day when I will get to meet a very inspiring business man known all around the world. I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself (my family think I am nuts)
But that is another blog post altogether.

Honestly, with how tired I am feeling right now, that if I were a bird  I think that I would literally fall of my perch.

It seems that women are expected to take on a load that is beyond human sometimes. I am no super hero, I can only take so much before I snap (so my family found out on the weekend) I want everything to be top notch, I want my family to have the best of everything that I can possibly provide, but I am just me, just one small person in this universe and I am tired. I will be so glad to see the end of the school year, that instead of the kids I maybe the one skipping through the gate with a huge grin plastered on my face.

Don't get me wrong, I know that in no way am I alone in feeling this way, all of us women feel the pressure at this time of year (and many other times as well)
So I am sending you all a HUGE hug and lots of encouragement, we are doing a great job, and in the end what we achieve will be worth it.
A woman's job is NEVER done, but my goodness we so deserve that cold beverage and some me time when this busy time is over.......

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  1. I take your hug and return one to you it certainly seems like you need one xxx Big Cheers to you and clink the glasses for the great BIG drink and rest you will hopefully get soon.

  2. It is such a b use time isn't it!
    Here's praying we all make it through to the other side, hopefully with enough energy to enjoy the rewards of our efforts. Sending you a hug right back. Enjoy your cold beverage of choice. I know I will :-)

  3. Nodding here. It's a busy time, that's for sure! I try and steal my moments where I can.. But I'm human and the cracks eventually show!

    Sending you a hug right back... And cheers! Make mine a white wine ...


  4. It's that time of the year isn't? I begged out of helping at school this morning cause I just have too much on. Sometimes you need to take a break



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