11 Dec 2012

Please Santa, I Need Your Help !

Without a doubt, each year it seems that it gets harder and harder to shop for my sons. The older they get, the more difficult it becomes and trying to get ideas from them is as difficult as pulling teeth.

When they were little, I completely enjoyed the planning, the time spent pouring over catalogues with a coffee in hand, then hitting the shops armed with my massive list, never forgetting to "check it twice" it was fun, I was in my element.
Now as the countdown to Christmas begins, it's stress that seems to be delivered in my letter box right along side those darn catalogues filled with smiling parents who make it look so easy !

Yeah right ......
It's beginning to be much more of a headache then a pleasure.

I still ask the boys each year to write me a list, (yeah thanks, big help boys) this year I got the likes of money, money and more money. A request for "get out of school" vouchers, like that's going to happen ! and of all things a coffee machine....yes you read right, my fourteen year old asked for a Delonghi !!! Go figure.

I'm sure they think it's funny to torture me. When they hand over their lists (still addressed to Santa) they do so with the most cheeky smiles, and one son even asked me not to read his list until he was safely tucked up in bed (maybe it was the request for school passes making him run for cover) this left me a little uneasy and unsure if I should even read his list or not !

But all jokes aside I need help this Christmas. So Santa please I'm begging you. I need your specialised help. My Christmas wish is that somehow, in some magical way, you will be able to guide me in the right direction and help me with a few ideas for teenage boys.....
I would be SO grateful and I can assure you that by lending me a helping hand, that I will repay the favour by leaving you out a delicious snack on Christmas Eve :)

By the way, hubby has wished for an Australian Red Cattle dog

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  1. Hi Beck - oh my goodness can I relate to what you are saying! This has been my dilemma for many years! I have twin boys who are now 20. I get them to write me a list. They also want money. Sometimes I get a couple of extra things written - usually electronic stuff, computer, gameboy or playstation games or such. My daughter is easy - she gives me a list too but I find her easy to buy for. She doesnt like me buying clothes for her anymore. Doesnt trust me but funnily enough usually likes what I get her!! Good luck! :-) Min..via team #IBOT

  2. My nephews were always so hard to buy for.....worse when you don't live with them so you have no inkling as to what their tastes are.
    Sorry, I am no help. I hope Santa was better :)
    Becc via #ibot

  3. rubiks cube? or thinkgeek.com has some cool stuff or new wallets or OHHHH i know!
    Socks and Undies!!

    1. Have not heard of that site before, so thank you : ) and I am going to be one popular mum this Christmas, socks and undies already wrapped LOL
      Thanks for dropping by x

  4. Beck... give your hubby a DVD/blu-ray of "Red Dog" ... that'll teach him! ;)

    1. LOL I love it !!! Great idea thanks Hun xx

  5. That would stress me out - but I'm sure your motherly instincts will kick in at the last minute and you'll be a hit all around! :)
    Or even better than a DVD of Red Dog - make a dog size cut out of a red cattle dog, put a collar around in and put beside his bed Xmas Eve, that would be hilarious!!

    1. That is hilarious !! What great pics and blog post that would make LOL .....
      Thanks sweetie x



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