21 Dec 2012

Family Traditions, Making Memeories

A cup of love
A pinch of sugar
A spoon full of Christmas spirit

It's that time of year again !! It's time to get cracking in the kitchen and whip up some of those delicious Christmas treats.

I can taste them now ........
White Christmas
Rocky Road
Rum Balls and Christmas puddings
Just to name a few.

It's a tradition in the Crafty household. Each year those of us who still get excited about family traditions spend the whole day baking up a storm. Stirring, measuring, baking and of course taste testing (we do have to make sure that the balance of ingredients is just right) these delicious treats
while Christmas Carols play merrily in the background. It's a magical time.
I love it, and although my eldest three boys are less and less enthusiastic about spending time in the kitchen with their mum, I am sure that it is a family tradition that they will remember from their childhood for many years to come.

This year it was left up to just me and the youngest Crafty member, to get elbow deep in chocolate :) wearing our Christmas aprons and stopping every now and then to belt out a Christmas tune on the "Merry Okee" microphone, we had a wonderful day filled with laughter, music and of course baking.

A memory I will cherish forever...............  

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  1. I love getting my Christmas tunes on and dancing around while making my mince pies. This year I got so carried away though I forgot about them and burnt one batch to a crisp. I am guessing yours was more successful than mine.:-)
    Popped over from FYBF
    Have a lovely Christmas.

  2. Good on you Bec, great pics & memories you can treasure forever. I especially love the Christmas aprons : )

  3. Love Christmas cooking traditions. yummy! Taste testing is half the fun.

  4. Family traditions are so great especially at this time of the year. Wishing you all the best for 2013!

  5. What a great time you both had, I love the photos. It's sad when other family members don't see the preciousness of 'traditions' isn't it. When they are older they will regret not joining in. :-) I'm glad you enjoyed the time with your youngest and I bet he enjoyed having you all to himself.



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