10 Dec 2012

The Final Week Is Here...

Today begins the last week of school for 2012.
YIPPEE, it's the first sign that this year is almost over, we are now on the downhill run !!

Our house has gone completely nuts (more so than usual) it's full of excitement and energy (from the kids of course)
Me !! I'm hanging in there, I am completely exhausted and an emotional wreck, but if I can just hold on and make it through this final week of school and all the end of year activities, I've won....

This week is going to be a really hard week to get through, I am going to need some strength to get through it. Tears will fall, so be warned. In fact they have already begun.

Our Primary school days are finally coming to an end, Friday will be our last ever day in attendance. I am in two minds about it, on one hand I will now only have two children left at school (cheaper) and they will now be attending the same school (easier school run) but I am also feeling quite sad, my last baby is growing up (too fast) It is the end of our "little kid" years. He is excited......I am trying to hold onto the memories.
I have been reflecting over these past few days. thinking back on the many memories that we have collected over the years since we first attended Primary.
The first days, the sport carnivals. The camps and excursions. The many parades and award ceremonies we have attended and the many wonderful teachers, office staff and friends that we will be leaving behind. Eleven years is a long time to attend one school, and it will be hard to say goodbye.

It's always hard to let go and watch your kids grow and begin new challenges. We have watched three children before our youngest graduate Primary and head off to High school, we have also now watched as our two eldest sons graduate grade twelve, but this time it feels different. He is our last he is our youngest, he is my baby and knowing that is hard for me to comprehend, I just want to take him by the hand and keep him close for just a little while longer, I am not ready to let go.

His first day at school

On Wednesday, we will celebrate with him at his Graduation ceremony and dinner, I have told him that he must expect tears from me, he just shakes his head and gives me a cheeky smile. I am so proud, he is growing into a wonderful young man, but at the same time as we say goodbye to our tween and say hello to yet another teen, I know that my ride is far from over and if his brothers teen years are any indication to what I am in for, I am getting ready to hold on tight for another roller coaster ride to begin.......

Help me and please keep me in your thoughts, as I am still riding the wave with the others !
It's scary, it's exciting, it's a crazy life ......

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