6 Dec 2012

Meeting The "King" Of Pyjamas

You would be forgiven for thinking that the man in the blue pyjamas, was in fact just another warm and inviting member of the Peter Alexander sales team, but in actual fact it was none other then the "King" of pyjamas himself happily greeting and serving his customers as though they indeed were royalty themselves.

Yesterday, with a belly full of nerves, excitement and butterflies. I was lucky enough to meet, greet and speak with Australia's very own "King of Pyjamas" Peter Alexander. As a long time fan and wearer of his pj's, I was excited and interested to see what the man himself was like in person.

Peter and I
 Charming, friendly, delightful, funny, helpful and gracious.....           

There was not one person he did not seek out to speak to, or pose for photos with on their request. He kindly obliged the media, by answering all questions fired at him with a giant smile, and at one stage even had his picture taken with a giant pink teddy bear.

Peter Alexander is a true entrepreneur. Beginning in 1997, Peter started his "pyjama game" on his mothers dinning room table, and began his career by selling to all major department stores across Australia.
In 2004, his first standalone store opened gaining him instant celebrity success.
Now in 2012, and 52 stores later and counting, Peter is celebrating 25 years in the pyjama business.

Peter says that "in the beginning, his idea to make pyjamas fashionable, was a really dumb idea" he says that he "had an idea to create pyjamas for real girls and that from day one it really took off in a big way"

Yesterdays sneaky purchase

Meeting Peter, I have to say was a definite highlight for me, his friendliness and true interest in his customers was delightful and I wish him continued success and happiness.

So, what did this PJ loving mum wear to meet Australia's very own "king of pj's" Peter Alexander???????
Don't worry, I decided to go a little more classy and leave my old faith fulls at home under my pillow, but if I ever get the chance again......                
Treasured autograph

If you would love the chance to meet Peter yourself, he is currently on a "Christmas Tour" visiting stores of his Australia wide. Check out his web site for the new catalogue and tour dates.



  1. Oh WOW! He's definitely the King of Pyjamas! I'm a total Peter Alexander freak. Last birthday I got about $400 in vouchers for his store. And as you can imagine I went completely NUTS! Bec that's AWESOME..wish I was right their with you Xx



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