2 Aug 2012

Taking A Risk

I think I've gone a little mad !!
I'm leaving my husband, I'm leaving the kids. I'll be packing my bags and heading South on my own .......

It all started about a year ago on Twitter, where I met my co - conspirator Jules ( I mentioned this awesome lady in an earlier post ) ... It is with no doubt that I am able to say, that Jules has given me the courage to step out of my 'comfort zone' and / or maybe led me down the 'garden path' !!! :)
With much encouragement from her and A LOT of help I dared to start blogging, and so here we are !!
Now I have done something really outrageous for me, and I'm still shaking with nerves....I purchased my very first ticket to a blogging conference !! I am off to DPCON13.
My first reaction was OH MY what have I got myself into ? I'm a little scared to be honest, after all, craftypjmum is only a few weeks old, so to say I am feeling quite out of my league is an understatement.

I'm heading off into the unknown, I'm taking a risk, I think I'm in for quite an adventure. And maybe a little bit of fun and mischief ...

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