22 Aug 2012

Books Books Books

Sometimes we just need to escape, we need to take a giant leap from our everyday reality and indulge in a wondrous fantasy !!
When its cold, grey and miserable, my favorite way to brighten the day, and escape, is to snuggle down and relax with a cup of coffee and a good book.
Yes, I  confess !! I am a bookworm :) and frankly I don't need the excuse of bad weather to be turning the pages of an adventure. Reading is a big part of who I am, books are my ultimate indulgence, along with clothes, shoes and makeup (I am a woman after all ) ...........
Here is a list of my all time favourites, that I have read and re-read on many occasions.


  • Jodie Picoult           My Sisters Keeper 
  • Judith Michael         Deceptions  (a personal favorite)
  • Kathryn Stockett     The Help
  • Kathy Lette             How to Kill Your Husband  (this will make you laugh out loud)
  • Bryce Courtney       Jessica
  • Stephen King          The Green Mile
  • Shania Twain           From this Moment On
  • Stephanie Meyer     The Twilight Series
  • J.K Rowling            The Harry Potter Series (to feed my inner child)                                                          
These are just a few titles that I really enjoyed, I hope that if you have read them, you enjoyed them to, if you haven't had the pleasure of reading these great books, I encourage you to give them a go, turn the pages, let go of your everyday life, escape, and dare to dream.

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