18 Aug 2012

I went ... I saw ... I bought ... I was in Crafty Heaven

EEEEK ! I'm squealing with such delight, I can see myself getting addicted all over again. Don't worry I'm not talking about any bad kind of addiction ( with the exception of my bank account being attacked on a regular bases ) but my addiction to craft and decorating !!
Finally Lincraft has opened up a store where I live, and as I walked through the doors for the very first time this morning, I was in crafty heaven, with the "crafty" part of me bubbling over with pure joy.
Oh my ... I didn't know where to look first. I felt like shouting "move aside ladies, crafty is here" but you will be pleased to know that I kept my dignity and just walked  the isles along with all the other craft obsessed ladies that were loading their baskets with goodies. I must admit, that since we are in the middle of renovations that it was the home wares that took my eye instead of the craft items this time, and although I could have gone nuts, I did my best to restrain myself .. well kind of .. I purchased new curtains for the living room, and at 40% off I really couldn't leave them there, could I ? and while wondering around in my world of bliss I spied the cutest little cushion that funnily enough just happened to follow me home :) and so since these purchases seemed to fill my arms I decided that I had reached my limit for today at least.
But never fear, I will be back ti attack all those sparkly eye catching scrap booking items real soon.

 I apologise now to my husband for the lack of funds in our bank account from this day forth.
Could not resist this gorgeous cushion


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