13 Aug 2012

Sunshine and Strawberries

Taking time out from a busy schedule is necessary, to relax, blow the cobwebs from your mind and to spend time with your family. It  is something everyone needs do more often. Over the years, we, like many others I'm sure, have sometimes lost track of whats important. Busy at work, with everyday life and  striving to survive a hectic lifestyle left our family life of fun and togetherness a distant memory. But with hubbies change of job, and a few family issues that occurred, we took a step back and realised what we were missing out on with our boys. After really examining what path our family had headed down, we have made a tremendous effort to turn things around, to enjoy life's simple pleasures, and most importantly to spend more time as a family enjoying life together. After all, the boys are growing up fast, and we don't want to look back with a should have, could have memory. So lately we have been trying our best to leave behind  things that NEED doing and turning our attention to more family time.

Not long ago we took the boys strawberry picking at a local organic farm that produces fruit for the local supermarkets but also opens up to the public, letting them loose to pick and indulge on the gorgeous fruit YUM!! and yes we did our fair share of both (mostly eating I would say) we had a fabulous time, what could be better then family time out in the sunshine, and fresh air.
 I think the boys favourite part was being allowed to eat as mush fruit as they could. My favourite part was watching the interaction between the boys and their dad. After many years of having only mum around for the most part, (due to hubbies work)  it brings joy to my heart seeing the deep connection my boys are finally getting to share.

The lucky fruit that managed to make it home.


  1. Umm... YUM! I really relate to this post. Although Diva is only 7 months old, I worry about the impact of Dreamboy's (daddy's) l-o-n-g hours. Like your family, we are in the process of a career change for Dreamboy. I only hope that we reap the benefits that you are witnessing already. X

  2. Good luck to you Hun :) it's been hard but so worth the effort xx



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