23 Jul 2012

We've gone Solar

We can't deny that the price of living is rising daily. Bread, milk, fuel, they are all continuing to sky rocket in price, and now on top of everyday living expenses, we have the added cost of the "carbon tax" which will see more families doing it a little tougher.
In our family, it's the soaring cost of electricity that has had us concerned for some time. Our usage has not changed all that much, however the price that we pay has increased dramatically. This is what prompted us  to look into Solar Power, to find out just how much we could benefit. It was not a decision we took lightly, it took quite a bit of research and talking to others who had already made the switch.
After meeting with the company of our choice, and weighing up all the information they provided us with, the decision to sign up was easy, Solar Power was for us !

It has taken quite a few months for everything to be finalised, paper work had to be filled out, approval from our energy company had to be given, and then the panels had to be ordered, I was beginning to think it would never happen. Then finally, this week, after months of waiting, our solar panels were installed.
I'm quite excited to see just how much money we will be saving, according to all the information, our bills should be next to nothing, fingers crossed that, this is the case, any extra cash around this place is more than welcome.

Who knows maybe some "extra" shopping will be on the cards :)

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