3 Jul 2012

A Rough Patch

Lets face it,being a parent is tough,the hardest job we will ever have. Its starts with those sleepless nights we think will never end,and continues on with those marathon tantrums that start with a grumble and end up being full on kicking and screaming matches that are just down right embarrassing. And just when we start to see light at the end of the tunnel,we hit the teenage years and puberty!!
From now on,everything prior seems like a piece of cake......
The junior years are tough,don't get me wrong (I've been there four times) and no one prepares us for those early days (I still think my parenting manual got lost in the mail) But I am finding the experiences I am having now raising teenagers,is my hardest parenting challenge yet.
I'd like to think that I am raising responsible,respectable young men that anyone would be proud of.
I"m an easy going parent,but firm. I have rules and if broken,look out!! I also believe to some extent that teens need to explore life and learn from the mistakes they are bound to make (with parental guidance of course)

At the moment I am going through a "tough" parenting stage,I am questioning myself and my parenting. Have I done the best job possible? Should I have taken a different parenting path? I know it's "normal" for teens to have moments of rebellion,to try and show how "grown up" he/she has become. I know it's "normal" for them to think they don't need me anymore,but it hurts and I'm finding it hard to hide. I also know that I am not the only parent to experience this,but right now it sure feels like it. I am feeling unsure,like I am walking on shaky ground,like nothing I do or say is right. I have come full circle and am once again back at those sleepless nights. I am hoping this rough patch will soon come to an end,that things will return to how they were,that I will be able to gain back what I feel we have lost....
Deep down I know it will,I know the bond is still there,still strong,I just need to be patient and make sure I am always there with open arms and an open heart. Things WILL turn out just fine. I have complete faith.

But holy cow,I better hold on and strap myself in tight,cause I've still got a long road ahead of me !!!

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  1. You're not alone even if others look glossy on the outside I can guarantee they have similar bumps in their paths. That's why there are so many jokes, poems, stories and comedy skits involving the trauma of puberty and what these teens put us through in their quest for boomerang freedom. They want freedom, you give it, they throw it back!
    Believe in yourself, allow yourself to cry, allow yourself some time out because it's hard work. lol I may have 8 to go through but it's staggered, unlike another woman who's gonna get it all at once! :-)



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