11 Jul 2012

Scratchy Itchy Buggy Things

UGH ! I'm over them...Crawly, yucky, itchy, gross. Mums you know what I'm talking about, those dreaded creepy crawlies that give us nightmares !! Yes, I am talking about NITS.

My older two kids have only ever had the occasional case, the younger two however, attract them like magnets. Ever since the boys were little, at least once a week I do "the check" I feel it's a necessary evil that must be done. Some days we are winners, some not so much.

As usual before the start of the new school term, I lined the boys up for "the check"before heading off for haircuts. YAY we were winners, so off we went. This was on the Saturday before school resumed. This morning, after only two days back at school, my youngest son said "my head is itchy". WHAT ? HOW ?
so multi tasking as us mothers do, I checked his hair while cooking breakfast and to my horror there they were those itchy, scratchy, buggy things, not many but enough !! I'm over the fact that some parents are lazy and don't do "hair checks" we all hate it but it's another one of those parental duties that is a must.
1. So we don't continue to spread them
2. For the comfort of our own kids
I know who the culprit is, I've made it my mission over time to find out who the repeat offenders are. I have found them out. Trouble is the school says they cant do anything about it !! What the heck...cant or wont ?
What's wrong with sending the child home for treatment ? It is not the child's fault I know, It's the responsibility of the parents. Enough is enough.

Next time I am going to collect the nits in a jar, take them to the school and deliver them to the Principal....Maybe then it will be dealt with.

( sorry if I have offended anyone )

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  1. I have a post ready to go about nits in high school. Wasn't too sure if people would be icked out by it. Now I've read yours - and you have boys! - then I'm sure people will relate.



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