20 Jul 2012

Mosh Pit Mum

WE are a  family who loves music, we listen to it, dance to it and some of us, are able to play it !! I am a "fan" of many types of music, and I must confess that it's music that brings out my " inner teenager" :) truth be told I love to crank up the music and sing along while I'm at home alone doing the dreaded housework.
My boys listen to lots of different bands, and as a family of six, we have many favorites. My second eldest, loves the band 'Simple Plan' and I must confess, I do to. SO when he asked if he could travel to Brisbane to see them in concert last month, we decided to get him tickets for his 16th birthday, but because we don't live close to Brisbane, and would not allow him to travel on his own, Mum and Dad went to !!!

Now, I have been to many Rock/Pop concerts, but they have always been held at large Entertainment Centers, where security is tight and the majority of ticket holders have allocated seats. The 'Simple Plan' concert was a different experience altogether. It was held at a Club and was standing room only !! It was crazy.....pushing, shoving teens all trying to get near the stage while all us parents ( yes I am pleased to say that hubby and I were not the only "oldies" there ), got caught up in the frenzy.
I was pushed, stepped on, elbowed and even head butted for the first time in my life, but I NEVER went down. My ears were ringing so much that I could barely hear, my feet were red, swollen and sore ( note to self, never wear high heeled boots to a rock concert ) but I am proud to say that I survived being in the middle of a "mosh pit" at "Simple Plans" concert, I survived and made my boy happy.
I am a "MOSH PIT MUM".

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  1. But secretly you loved it right!? My husband is taking 14 yo and friend to Jack White tomorrow night. The girls want to be in thick of it but hubby wants to sit in the stands. I wonder who will win?



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